Elicia and Doug Miller Embracing Your Authentic Self Align with Your Gifts & Unique Way of Life A Virtual Retreat with Elicia and Doug Miller, PhD

Gain greater knowledge of yourself and what you truly want and need.

You will have profound new ways of thinking about and experiencing all of your relationships including relating to all types of people in a clearer manner that more greatly serves both you and them. 

The insights and skills you develop will help you be more empowered, allowing you to fulfill your dreams and desires.

This virtual retreat will help you:

  • Understand yourself through your blueprint, human design and Myers-Briggs type, dream interpretations, journaling, intuitive insights, your greatest dreams and blocks, and memories from your inner child.
  • Clarify blocks to your potential so that you may know, embrace and express who you truly are.
  • Understand how your conditioning from your family, school, and culture has directed your life in a way that may not be aligned with who you actually are, and make new choices.
  • Clearly see your programming and choose to listen to your intuition.
  • Manifest through your gifts and purpose.
  • Enjoy your life!

“I had been wanting greater self knowledge and wanting a clear direction for some time about my career, so I was grateful that Elicia and Doug are offering this Virtual Retreat, it’s a great option for someone on a budget or unable to travel.

I love working with Elicia and Doug, they offer a perfect balance; they each have their own gifts and strengths and together make an excellent team for leading retreats. It’s also nice to have their humor to lighten things up.

I love how I had telling dreams and synchronicities as I brought my thoughts and feelings to the forefront.
I learned more about myself, and my co-dependencies, which I was convinced I had none. It was especially eye opening comparing my adaptive and authentic selves.

This was different from anything I’ve done before, I had both perspectives of Elicia and Doug. It was also different because many therapies to improve health focus on supplements and diet. It’s easy to take supplements and change your diet, or have a practitioner work on you while you passively receive treatment through other therapies such as massage, reiki, NAET, and cranio sacral therapy. Yes I did all these.

This program strongly supports us to take an active role in our healing and look at parts of ourselves that need to be healed in a way that only we can do for ourselves. Doug and Elicia open the doors for us to look into parts of ourselves we didn’t know existed, but are essential for observing/working through/healing and living joyfully. 

I also needed to make a decision about laying out almost $7K for a special program with a practitioner to improve my health/gut and rid myself of candida, etc. I don’t have this money but I am so desperate for complete healing that I was thinking of going into debt for it or forgoing other important family needs/expenses. Now, I feel that I can work on the basic supplementation protocol to improve my labs and spend the time and energy on what I learned through this retreat as a pathway to healing, as opposed to the expensive program.

My motivation and energy to grow my business in other ways had become nonexistent.
As a result of the retreat, I am now actually happy and excited to think of new endeavors. I also have a stronger motivation to create healthy boundaries and take care of my inner child.”


This virtual retreat includes:

  • Pre-retreat assessment using a customized questionnaire developed by Elicia & Doug along with detailed personality profiles.
  • Personal Oracle Card Readings.
  • 5 days of 3 hour group workshops with Elicia & Doug.
  • Self-exploration exercises to do outside of the workshop each day of the virtual retreat.
  • Recordings of the daily workshop sessions.
Elicia Tarot Card

This retreat is for you if you have done some significant psychological/emotional work on yourself and want to step into the next phase of your personal development. This will include clarifying your desires, unique gifts, accepting your own way of living, and supporting your specific spiritual experience.

“I signed up for Elicia and Doug’s Virtual Retreat for greater self knowledge and personal expansion.

I am very impressed by Elicia and Doug. The combination of how they both connect with each person and give accurate insights is truly amazing. Also, their energy together is very energizing itself. All the jokes and love in between them was so nice.
I felt that they were really present and really cared, it felt very genuine. The Retreat provided me with valuable tools, great feedback from Doug and Elicia, and the group sharings were quite helpful.

Since the Retreat, I really started paying more attention to myself and whenever I feel stressed, no matter what, I slow down.
I am much better with my boundaries and about my own worth. I can feel these things are more settled, when I say something I can feel that it's not just knowledge based on theory anymore, it is more my reality. I’m looking forward to working more with Elicia and Doug.”
​“I can’t recommend working with Elicia and Doug enough, because they have the ability to guide you as loving parents, support you like your best friend, and push you into who you truly are as the biggest cheerleaders.

They can see your blocks, as well as the truth of what is beyond that, and that is the unique gift they have when working as a team together.

I am forever grateful for being able to experience the work they do together."

Elicia and Doug Miller

This is your opportunity to embrace your authentic self and live in a way that works best for YOU!

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​“I’ve been wanting to work with Elicia and Doug in person for assistance to become aware of issues in my blind spots. Since we can’t travel due to COVID-19, I was so happy that they are now offering it as a Virtual Retreat.

The Core Emotional Healing (CEH) Self Study was the engine of big, profound change and the Retreat experience was an important catalyst for insight as fuel for those changes.

My process was full of surprises! The bravery of the other participants sharing where they are in their healing journey inspired me to reconsider health challenges as unique opportunities to return to my true self over societal expectations.

A lot of what I got out of it was seeing how my personal health has been traded for being valued emotionally and monetarily. A big kick in the ass that the codependency is exploited on a cultural level in Capitalism as well as in personal relationships. I saw how I was not valuing myself independent of performing emotional labor, service, or other labor. Now, I can clearly see how I was compromising myself due to gendered programming about not upsetting or neglecting others.

I processed a huge amount of personal pain and anger in the CEH Self Study that I did after the retreat. The retreat helped me use my indignation for the abuse and neglect of others that I have been experiencing for a long time, as an entry point to connect to my own abuse and neglect for my wounded inner child.

Where I witnessed the adult expression of repression in others helped me interrogate my own hazmat repression. The Retreat group work raised the question: If I could get angry on behalf of others, why wasn't I able to do so for myself?

The CEH Self Study journaling and triggers, and then the retreat, propelled me into confronting that I was still complicit in centering my abusers’ well-being as a survival mechanism. I was still acting from that disempowered codependent mode. After the retreat, it made me physically nauseous when I started consciously perceiving it.

Now after integrating it all, I’m having intense appropriate emotional reactions and clarity with codependent patterns. Not triggered, more of a hard “NO!”. I’m not accepting abusive or codependent energetic requests or people any more.

As a healer, I’m now able to compassionately and intentionally set boundaries and I do not get emotionally triggered by my clients. In hindsight, much of my previous concern about moving forward in my profession was actually intuitive concern about not projecting codependent patterns in therapeutic relationships. While it was wise in a way, it was also disempowering my practice and growth as a practitioner. The Retreat experience allowed me to now participate in a respectful, supportive manner without projecting traumatic overlays of anxiety.

This Retreat was different from anything I’ve done before, the participants were all highly self aware and compassionate folks engaged in self work and invested in mutual support.
Doug and Elicia were amazing! They brought clarity and love to each moment, holding healthy energetic space and facilitating each person’s unique healing experience with depth and compassion.

I felt profoundly validated and encouraged by the Retreat experience. It provided an embodied pattern of healthy mutual support, kindness without codependency, and genuine joy connecting with other folks working toward self and community healing.

The modeling of respectfully supporting others in a healing environment was amazing. While I understand that wasn’t the primary goal of the Retreat, it was an enormous gift to be included in non-codependent healthy dynamics with a variety of motivated people from diverse backgrounds. I would definitely love to participate in more of those group spaces as a learning process.
It gave me the chance to experience healthy boundaries and see it in action modeled by experts in a fun, loving, non-judgmental space.

I deeply appreciated the gentleness of the Retreat. I was able to fully trust that I would get what I needed and share/show up for others. It was delightful and truly a gift to share the strange moment (coronavirus) of the 21st Century with such wonderful and kind people.”

About Elicia Miller and Doug Miller, PhD

Elicia and Doug Miller

Doug Miller, PhD, and Elicia Miller, are in a fulfilling marriage that has provided immense growth and healing, as well as great insight into their work with clients. Each has taken a unique path in their quests to heal, express their true self, and live to their greatest fulfillment. They both embrace growth, and even healing, as an ongoing process. For over four years, Doug and Elicia have been working together leading Group Retreats, Private Healing Immersions and Couple Sessions.

Elicia Miller is the Founder of Core Emotional Healing®. With her warrior spirit, Elicia went on a healing journey including: 12 years ago, giving up a successful 6 figure business career and moving to Thailand for 2.5 years. She personally explored every healing modality available and created 3 different healing directories in Atlanta, Thailand and San Francisco. After 10 years of frequent Experiential Therapy and many other modalities of healing, she healed herself fully from Systemic Candida, eating disorders and codependence, and has been leading groups of men and women online and in retreats to heal themselves. Elicia uses her intuitive gifts and specialized training to guide others through a deep healing process so they can live more fulfilling lives. For the past 15 years, she has been helping healing practitioners see themselves more clearly and to step into their power. Elicia sees everyone’s truth and potential and helps them rise to it.

Doug is a Transpersonal and Licensed (U.S.) Clinical Psychologist who, in addition to helping people heal, has dedicated his life to understanding consciousness and it’s expansion. While in Graduate School, major projects included: Adult Development, The Relationship Between Existential and Spiritual Issues in Psychotherapy, and Myers-Briggs Types and Personality Pathology. For the past nearly 40 years, he has focused on understanding any path to awakening and applied it to his work with his clients, understanding each person and their path as a valuable and Unique Manifestation. Doug’s experience has provided him with a deep understanding of how childhood emotional and family dynamics and cultural conditioning interact with personal development, spiritual growth and fulfillment. He first co-lead an Experiential Therapy retreat over 25 years ago and has found this approach to be the most effective and efficient.

Doug and Elicia have brought together their similar skills and approaches to help individuals and couples heal the sources of problematic patterns, chronic symptoms and feeling stuck. With their penetrating insight, grounded intuition, and experiential processes, Doug and Elicia help their clients express their truth and realize greater fulfillment.