Improving Self-Awareness

If you are determined to feel better and enjoy life more fully, it’s time to take responsibility, think for yourself and take the following 3 steps to design your own destiny:

Step 1: Let’s Wake Up!

Detoxification is the body’s healing mechanism

Drugs (and even supplements) are covering, masking, suppressing and treating symptoms; discover and release the cause

Corporate industries are interested in profit, not your health

Read ingredients–there is a link between processed “food” and degenerative disease

You are creating your life with your thoughts, beliefs and actions


Step 2: Let’s Clean Up!

Practice 4D (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) detoxification lifestyle

Release the stress; toxic food, drugs, thoughts, beliefs, pain, habits, people, media

Choose daily conscious choices that care for, instead of destroy, your health and the planet


Step 3: Let’s Grow Up!

Know, listen to and support yourself

Journal to discover what you really want; looking outside yourself for what you like and don’t like does not work

Choose to focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t want

Accept what is, take responsibility and make choices that are aligned with your intentions

Listen to your emotions, they are your guidance system; do the things that bring you positive emotions, if you feel negative emotions change your thoughts or situation

Challenge limiting beliefs, you can do anything you want and believe 

Move from victim (life happens to you) to master (creator of your life)

Discover and share your gifts


Practice love, compassion and kindness; allow others to be different from you, smile and hug often


Improving Self-Awareness Together

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