Systemic Candida Signs, Symptoms and Causes

  • Elicia's Healing Systemic Candida Program OutlineFirst step in Elicia’s Healing Systemic Candida Program is to set your intention in your journal to heal yourself; write out why you want to heal, why you believe you can heal and your vision for your body and life – this is your motivation
  • Be observant; write down all your symptoms before you start and keep track of how you feel each day, monitor your improvements and also your flare-ups and what might have contributed to them
  • Be informed; see a Naturopathic doctor or medical intuitive, get tested, to know what foods and supplements your body needs, plus read the Body Ecology Diet book
  • Eliminate and detox from any drugs (antibiotics, birth control pills, acne medication, steroids)
  • Use the BioMat, FDA approved healing device to detox metals, bacteria and viruses, boost your immune system, reduce pain, inflammation, stress and cortisol, and balance your hormones. BioMat amyethyst crystal enhanced, Far Infrared technology penetrates deeply into the body and empowers self healing and stress reduction. It addresses physical and energetic imbalances at the cellular level and strengthens your energy body.
  • Eliminate gum and artificial sweeteners
  • Remove roots canals, amalgam fillings and do a chelation detox with biological dentistry
  • Cook with garlic, ginger and turmeric
  • Drink filtered water all day, add fresh lemon/lime to assist in cleansing and alkalizing
  • Best multivitamin is Micro Daily formula, and it was developed via a grant from the Department of Defense in order to help heal blast injuries (TBI), extreme oxidation (from desert sun), radiation exposure (depleted uranium, etc.), and provide antioxidants in a perfectly absorbable form. You can also order online: click on Enroll Now (discounted) or Buy Now (retail) ENROLL and enter ID#: 151170
  • MSM key source of sulfer for detoxification and healing, also Methyl CPG ONE per week for detox, immune function, DNA integrity, energy production, mood balancing and balanced inflammatory response.
  • Castor Oil Pack to improve immune system, stimulate lymph and heal your bladder, bowel and liver
  • Magnesium Malate to restore cellular magnesium levels, protect skin cells, aid detoxification, relieve aches and pains, improve mood, help relieve stress, and/or Magnesium Oil encourage healthy skin tissue (you don’t need these if you take MMF).
  • Herbal H Pylori treatment or see your Naturopath to see what you body needs
  • Support urinary track health with CranRich, organic cranberry concentrate
  • Dry skin brush before shower to move lymph and brush off dead skin and toxins
  • Use tongue cleaner when you wake up to scrap off white film on tongue before you drink or brush your teeth
  • Be persistent; a restoration of the internal environment does not happen overnight – this program takes time. It is a starting point, a general guide that can be adapted to your own needs. Once you feel an improvement, avoid the temptation to revert to former habits
  • Say Louise Hay’s Affirmation daily: I give myself permission to be all that I can be, and I deserve the very best in life. I love and appreciate myself and others.
  • Heal your emotional wounds, so you actually believe that you love yourself.


Steps Towards Healing Systemic Candida

1 – Become aware of the core cause of your candida and condition

2 – Eliminate what feeds it

3 – Detoxify and cleanse with food and supplements

4 – Boost your immune system, health and happiness by choosing health promoting foods, a positive belief system and emotional healing

5 – Take possession of your body, power and life-force energy as you release repressed emotions, victim consciousness, listen to your body and trust your intuitive heart

6 – Smile, cultivate an attitude of gratitude and experience the joy of self-love

In summary, my findings are that it is a process, not a simple answer or quick fix. It requires a desire to change, willpower, intuition and awareness. You can compare cleansing and healing to religion; there are many ways that all aim towards the same goal, but the practices vary based on personal preference, belief and experience. This becomes a new way of living, eating and thinking to not return to the old behaviors that contributed to the overgrowth. So enjoy the journey and always listen to how you feel and what makes sense to you. All the paths of cleansing lead into the light that shines bright inside of me and inside of you.

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