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Eat Whole Foods, As Nature Intended

That doesn’t mean eat anything at Whole Foods Market, it means eat whole natural organic food from nature. Shop at a farmers market, local farm or around the outside of a grocery store.  

Food from a factory is unhealthy and unhappy food.  It’s often trucked in from thousands of miles away.  It likely is genetically modified or contains GMO ingredients.  It’s been processed, hydrogenated, or homogenized.  Food from a local organic farmer, is happy and healthy food.  It’s grown in nutrient-rich soil.  It’s natural.  It’s good for you, and it tastes better.

Try a “Whole Food Detox” for 2 weeks and avoid anything man-made that has more than one ingredient.

Whole Food Detox Meal Ideas

  • Organic raw fruits for breakfast 
  • Organic raw salad with vegetables topped with lemon, olive oil, himalayan sea salt, nuts, seeds or avocados
  • Sauté veggies with organic raw coconut oil served with lentils and quinoa OR wild-caught fish, organic eggs or grass-fed meats
  • Side of cultured cabbage/kimchi 
  • Raw cacao, maca with raw local honey superfood treat
  • Filtered water all day in between meals

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