What is Disease & Vitality?

       “Disease is an effort of the body to eliminate waste, mucus and toxemias, and this system assists nature in the most perfect and natural way. Not the disease but the body is to be healed, it must be cleansed, freed from waste and foreign matter, from mucus and toxemias accumulated since childhood. You cannot buy health in a bottle, you cannot heal your body, that is, cleanse your system in a few days, you must make ‘compensation’ for the wrong you have done your body all during your life.

       Your constitutional encumbrances throughout the entire system are the source of every disease; the greatest and most harmful source of lowered vitality, imperfect health, lack of strength and endurance and any and all imperfect conditions. All have their source in the colon, never perfectly emptied since your birth. Nobody on earth today has an ideally clean body, and therefore perfectly clean blood. What Medical Science calls Normal health is in fact a pathological condition.”

-Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System

Why detox?

To Heal.

To Become Whole.

To assist our bodies in releasing the things the poisons that are causing us to feel bad physically, emotionally and mentally.

Accumulation of toxins, undigested food, candida, mucus and an over-acidic condition cause symptoms and disease; these symptoms are signs that the body is trying to protect, cleanse and heal.

Ways to Heal


1 – Medicine

Medicine treats and suppresses symptoms and doesn’t understand the cause.

The body is attempting to eliminate poisons and then a new and dangerous poison is introduced; the elimination through symptoms is more or less stopped.

This will continue until the person thinks for themselves and seeks to heal themselves through…

2 – Drugless Healing

  a) Physical Treatments (shakes, stimulates, releases)

Exercise, yoga, Pilates, deep breathing, massage, osteopathy, Chiropractic, Acupuncture etc.


All of these methods help and relieve, more or less, but they can never heal perfectly just as long as the fail to pay sufficient attention to a correct diet; in order words, the elimination of disease or foreign matters will never be complete as long as the intake through wrong foods is not discontinued, and an entirely new blood-building is established through real, natural and clean, mucusless foods.

  b) Mental, Emotional & Energy Treatments

It cannot be denied that the condition of the mind has an influence on every kind of disease. It is proven that fear, sorrow and worries have a bad influence, not only on the heart and nerves, but on the circulation, digestions, etc.

We carry stuck, re-pressed emotional traumas and programs in our subconscious from childhood and past lives.

Hypnotherapists, Intuitives and Spiritual Healers can help you when you notice a recurring pattern, emotion or habit that seems beyond your control.

  c) Dietetics Treatments

 1. In food and diet lies the causes of most diseases.
2. All healing, all therapeutics will continue to fail as long as they refuse to place the most important stress on diet.
3. A cleansing diet consists of eating harmless, natural, healing and real nourishing foods and avoiding harmful, disease-producing ones to allow your body to cleanse and heal.

Even the efficiency of a machine depends upon the quality and amount of its fuel. There is no longer any doubt existing regarding the fact that a plant depends more on the kind of soil rather than climate to produce a high quality of fruit.

Health and disease of the animal and human body depends on food.

This is tremendously manifested by nature through the simple fact that every animal refuses food when sick. The animal instinct of responding to every disease or even accident by fasting is nature’s demonstration that health and disease depends mainly and entirely from eating or not eating, as well as the kinds of foods.

The average person, and even the doctors, blame everything on earth, excepting food, as the cause of their disease is due to the fact that disease is as yet a mystery in their minds. They don’t know how terribly unclean the inside of the body is caused thru the life-long habit of over-eating ten times as much as required – in many cases harmful foods mostly, or even exclusively.

When you are attempting to heal yourself, you must stop increasing the cause of the disease – the inside waste.

Stop looking to the doctor, healer, detox program, juice fasting retreat, therapies and supplements to fix you.

Healing only can come from you and your choices: an ongoing natural diet, cleansing accumulated toxins through food and fasting, meditation, movement and self-awareness practices. The power lays with what you choose to feed your body and mind, for life.

There are four primary sources of physical toxins that people are usually exposed to:

 1. Airborne pollution that we breathe in or absorb through our skin

Paint fumes, gasoline vapor, smokestack pollution, engine gasses, synthetic perfumes, deodorants and hairsprays.

 2. Pollutants we ingest on or in our foods

Synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, growth hormones

 3. Pharmaceuticals

Companies attach synthetic molecular segments to natural substances such as testosterone in order to make them assimilate more quickly, to make them more powerful, or even to make them longer lasting. These unique molecules are not recognizable by the body as anything that it has encountered in its long evolutionary history and so are detached from the natural molecule. They must be excreted, deactivated, restructured or stored and cause problems years later. Cancer is one common outcome in athletes who have used synthetically altered testosterone.

 4. Toxins from bacteria and virus, including those normally in our intestinal tract

The bacteria release toxins so that is why if you there are a lot of them and you kill them off with antibiotics you could die from the toxins released in the body. Bacteria in our intestines produce a great many chemicals as they engage in their own life cycles, and all of these are released into our intestines. Some of these chemicals are essential to our health (such as vitamin B12), and in fact, if the bacteria that live in our bowels are killed off, we cannot survive. Some of the chemicals they release, however, can have toxic side effects if our bodies are not working well.     

The impacts of bacterial toxins are often much more severe or enhanced in those who have taken antibiotics or have eaten a predominantly Western diet of refined foods. The historical diet eaten by human beings throughout their long evolutionary history normally has contained hundreds, sometimes thousands, of local ecosystem plants. Such plants are high in potent plant chemicals that play essential roles in deactivating the toxins that human beings encounter during their lifetime.

The reliance on a highly refined diet has removed these potent plant compounds from our diets, and one result is a more powerful negative impact from intestinal bacterial toxins.

All of these toxins affect health by disturbing healthy cell function. Detoxification processes such as fasting allow the body to focus not only on restoring healthy organ function but also on attending to the needs of individual cells. Fasting rests the immune system, the detoxification systems of the body and the entire digestive system.


Human body is a microcosm of the Earth

The first act of ecological reclamation of the world is the reclamation of your own body. The human body is evolutionary adapted, just as is the Earth, to respond to damage and the buildup of toxins within it.

Cells, the basic unit of the human body, need three primary things: food, communication with other cells, and a clean and healthy environment within and around themselves. Cells utilize some fifty different nutrients as food. As a cell eats these nutrients and produces energy, it is working hard and accumulates a lot of “sweat”, or biochemical waste products, that must be eliminated every day. Cells, just like people, don’t like to sit and stew in their own wastes. Their waste products are removed through the blood and lymphatic systems. Those deposited in the blood are taken to the liver and kidneys for handling. There they are either concerted into other more useful substances or are eliminated from the body. They are usually eliminated through feces, urine, sweat, and respiration. When toxins build up faster than they can be eliminated, cell health is disrupted and the initial stages of many chronic diseases begin. This kind of condition has been known in Eastern healing traditions for thousands of years. It is called poisoned blood, which refers to the presence of an overwhelming toxic burden that the body is unable to handle.

DNA is a highly flexible organ of the cell; DNA is not fixed but is very mobile and in many instances can rearrange its structure. The DNA strand in each cell is highly sensitive to toxins, especially synthetic petrochemicals. When toxic loads rise so high that the cell or body cannot deal with them effectively, the DNA in cells can begin to experience so much damage, so often, that it cannot be repaired.

When the DNA begin to malfunction, there is a significant drop in the body’s overall energy levels. Large disruptions in their functioning can lead to more serious conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome.

When the cells can no longer detoxify themselves or are experiencing a heavy toxic load, toxins can begin binding themselves to the fatty cellular membrane and its receptors. This begins to interfere with a cell’s ability to perceive the communications it should and with the passage of material into and out of the cell. This makes it harder for the cell to transfer waste products out and nutrients in. An additional complication is that once a cell wall has toxins attached, the cell is altered enough that the body’s immune system can sometimes begin to attack it – the beginnings of some types of autoimmune disease.

Blood is designed to carry nutrients to all of the cells in the body and to carry their wastes away. Once toxins-loaded blood arrives in the liver, the liver isolates the toxins and alters them. The liver may degrade them, discharge them from the body unchanged, or, if possible, make them into something else. As such, the liver has a tremendous capacity to recognize chemical structures and to judge just what molecular change is necessary to alter a toxin enough to make it harmless or useful. Once the toxin is identified, and if the liver decides to discharge it, it is usually taken to the intestines in bile and excreted. Some compounds are sent instead to the kidneys, which perform a similar filtering task. Those toxins are then excreted in the urine. Some heavy metal toxins are excreted a different way, in the hair and nails. Some toxins are excreted through perspiration or through respiration. Some are so evolutionarily new to the body that they are simply stored in fat cells until, during periods like fasting, the body has time to focus exclusively on their deactivation and removal. But most of them go out through the kidneys and intestines in urine and feces.

Lymph is carried through the system and emptied into over six hundred nodes located throughout the body. In each node white blood cells check the contents of lymph for bacteria, viruses and toxins. Usually the majority of the blood is filtered through the lymph before it travels to the liver for further processing. Most of the lymph nodes – over 60 percent – are actually located in the intestinal tract, where they screen the food we eat and also allow waste in the lymph to flow out through excretion.

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