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Discovering the Cause of Candida, Breast Implants & Healing Trauma

Discovering the Cause of Candida, Breast Implants & Healing Trauma

Healing symptoms and conditions takes more than diets and supplements, it also requires doing the mental, emotional and spiritual work to release the root cause. Usually there isn’t just one root cause. We are multidimensional so you may have trauma, for instance, stored in your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. There are many different healing modalities needed to address what you need on all levels.

The process is going to be different for each person. It’s important to listen to your body and find out what is causing it for you, and keep seeking if you don’t find it right away. Healing takes time and doesn’t happen all at once, it has taken lifetimes.

The most frustrating part of healing for most people is that they think it should be quick and easy. When the diet, supplements and programs don’t work they tend to give up and remain sick, helpless and hopeless. Or when what they are doing is working they feel worse as their physical and emotional symptoms get stronger, and uncomfortable, so they reach for the pill or substance to suppress and numb. Healing also takes all of you, and everything matters: food, water, supplements, exercise, mindful practices, positive thinking, feeling your emotions, setting boundaries, doing what brings you joy, forgiveness, gratitude, etc.

There is big business in keeping you dis-empowered, looking to the doctor to “fix you”. Only you can heal yourself with a new lifestyle, awareness and the deeper emotional healing.


Finding the Cause

Since I fully healed from my 15-year journey with Candida, I have been experiencing other physical symptoms: four miscarriages, swollen lymph nodes under my arms, swollen glands under my chin and clogged ears.

After my second miscarriage I went to my OBGYN and ran some tests. The test came back positive for Factor V Leiden, the blood-clotting gene. So we thought that was the reason I was losing my pregnancies. As soon as I found out I was pregnant again I shot up every day with a blood thinner, Loveonx. After my third miscarriage I went to see a Naturopath (after already seeing a different holistic chiropractor the year before) whom did blood work and found that my hormones were depleted. I was on supplements to replenish my Vit D, B, iron and progesterone for two months. Got pregnant again. This time we were very hopeful, and after seeing the heartbeat we lost it at 9 weeks. After this forth heartbreaking miscarriage I detached from tests, and the desire to have a baby, and just connected to the soul.

Naked Truth About Breast ImplantsA couple of months after my last miscarriage messages came to me about my breast implants. The message that finally got through was a personal attack on my Facebook wall. There was truth in her attack and it sat with me for a couple of weeks. I wondered if my breast implants were causing my swollen glands. My implants also seemed foreign and were painful. I did some research and found Dr. Susan Kolb’s website and ordered her book “The Naked Truth About Breast Implants, From Harm to Healing”. Through my research, I made the connection that all of my symptoms were from my breast implants. I booked an appointment right away to see Dr. Kolb and she confirmed that I had silicone immune dysfunction, lymph nodes clogged with silicone, depleted hormones from silicone and an impaired immune system.

Another reminder that doctors, even holistic, can’t know everything. My role with my clients is to not tell them what they need. Instead of guiding someone through a process that I facilitate, I help them internalize and discover their own guidance and direction that’s empowering so they can apply it to every area of their life. In this way the process reflects the explicit goal of empowerment.

Healing Trauma

Veenaa SaynanaIt’s been three months since my breast explant surgery and my body and soul feels stronger and lighter. Six weeks after my surgery I contacted Veenaa Saynana, Medical Intuitive Reader and Master Psychic Surgeon Healer, for a reading. I wanted to know:

  • What my body needs to heal from the operation and breast implants
  • What is causing constipation, swollen glands, clogged ears and what I need
  • If my body is ready for pregnancy and what else I need

I found out through the reading that everything was lined up perfectly for me to remove my breast implants and clear the toxins from my body for a higher level of vibration for my baby. It’s an important time for me; I’m going through a heart upgrade with more nurturance (breasts – mother’s milk). There were two spots inflamed around my ovaries, my second chakra was inflamed with residue from the past, and clearing was needed to be done from an energy worker. A clearing was also needed going down my legs because there had been some tension in the past about moving forward with a family and my work.

Veenaa also saw an old scar wrapped around my throat preventing me from speaking truth clearly that needed to be cleared. I wasn’t fully expressing myself because of a fear from being killed for speaking my truth authentically and speaking up for myself in past lives. There were two points in my shoulders, tension around work and in my mind. I needed to relax and trust so that the energy flows more smoothly. The weight of responsibility was weighing me down.

My head needed more detoxing in my mind. The ways I saw the world needed to be cleared, in order to be healthier and function better in the world. Hormones were being produced that were stress based; tension and worry were affecting my immune system, health and vitality. This was a result from trauma during childhood. My mind was seeing things as dangerous causing continuous stress. The chemical soup was also making me lose my pregnancies. I feared danger because my needs were not being provided for. People’s behavior was triggering tension. The silicone was adding to all that, secreting toxins that were mixing in with the chemicals. I had cleared 30-40% and I needed to clear a lot more because the way my mind was preserving reality, I was not aligned in the true source that I am.

Shamanic HealingDeep energy healing work was necessary and due, my reproductive organs were inflamed. I also needed to step back from any strong desire to have a child. I am going through a massive upgrade and need to treat myself as a child. She suggested we wait another 6 months because any trauma at birth gets activated when I have a child.

There was also a lot of second chakra emotional toxic waste material. I was holding onto emotional stuff that needed to be cleared. Natural movement was not happening, it was constricted because of tightness in my pelvic region like a broad rubber band.

I booked a Shamanic Psychic Surgery session with Veenaa the next day to clear what was needed. We had a two-hour Skype Shamanic journey and cleared subconscious fear in my relationship of not measuring up, not being loved and not being provided for. Which stemmed from my experience as a child. She also cleared old hurts from past relationships in my heart. I vocally released what was stuck in my throat. Veenaa did a lot of clearing in my head and legs and I brought in more self-love and abundance.

I had an insight about the healing process of Candida – it steams from a fear/belief that your emotional needs are not going to be taken care of (because they weren’t when you were a child). The work I do is to help you to move past your defenses and hold space for your emotional needs. I empower you to release the false beliefs, personalities and compensations (over-achieving, being skinny, breast implants, etc), develop self-love and ask for what you want. Believe you are worthy of true love, intimacy, support, money and work you love. You can have all of your needs met by asking instead of complaining.

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