A client of mine sent me an awe-inspiring update of her healing journey with candida and how she is feeling and healing the suppressed emotions behind the sugar cravings. Many of you, including myself, can relate and hopefully learn from this empowered approach. Thank you Pia for sharing your story!

Pia’s story: Everything is going well. I’m listening to my body and I do things slowly, meaning I’ve been on the diet since we spoke but haven’t started my Oxy Powder cleansing until two days ago. I find my body being quite sensitive so I want to introduce new stuff one at a time. I want to do a one week cleansing to see how I feel and then later do a new cleansing together with the Caprylic Acid.

Donnas book B.E.D. that you recommend is absolutely great. She really covers it all. And I love the yoga detox DVD. She does the exercises in a perfect pace with time to settle in and breathe in between. 

I still attend the Rosen Therapy Bodywork and do meditation and EFT on a weekly/daily basis. A lot of emotional stuff has come up. Especially during the yoga. That surprised me. 

HEARTsurfwaveCravings have become stronger. Occasionally I crave salty chips, coffee latte and chocolate. I’ve bought all of those things on the days I crave them to make the craving stronger and then do EFT to find the emotional driver behind. It helps. This is perhaps the one thing I have to criticize the B.E.D. for. It seems to me that cravings are looked upon as merely a physical imbalance and Donna doesn’t write too much about the emotional importance behind cravings nor Candida itself.

So far it seems to be four major emotional issues that have surfaced or become stronger in presence. They’re connected. 

One of them you spoke about in one of your newsletters. It was the one where you talk about being a victim. That was an aha-moment for me. After that I’ve realized how victimized I feel. That explains why I’m so angry and hateful towards a lot of people and circumstances. I’ve made it my number one goal to pull myself out of it and I find it hard to take responsibility for my own life and accept the past. I still blame. The victim pattern is so easily accessed.

Feeling emotionally and physically unsafe has also come up strongly. I watched the television series «The Tudors» where there were executions in almost every episode and it triggered my own fear to the point where I couldn’t watch it. This came up again in a Rosen session and my whole body was shaking.

Thirdly I’ve realized I deny myself love, joy and pleasure. It dawned on me when I went shopping for dinner one day and I went by the bakery section. It smelled heavenly. And I thought to myself «I have to deny myself that. I have to choose between that which I love or being well». And I drew the connection to my life in general. I have this belief that I have to sacrifice my own happiness and are not deserving of life itself. During a Rosen session I felt guilty for receiving love. Which leads me to my last issue that perhaps is the root cause of all of the other issues.

Unworthiness. Seeking approval or validation through others. Gladly I’ve discovered that I can access my own validation and worthiness by slowly massaging my tense muscles in the abdomen and around solar plexus/diaphragm while focusing inward. And in those moments when I feel worthy my need for external approval disappears. I’ve also had moments of what some might call enlightenment, meaning my attention is at the here and now and my own presence feels awesome and spectacular for no good reason. I’ve had these experiences a few times during the last year or so. Lasts only a few minutes up to an hour.

So there you go. I will say that being on the diet is helpful not only to cleanse the physical body but also to make the emotional issues stronger and more apparent to see clearly. 

Wish me good luck, I have some cleansing to do 😉



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