DoctorIf you have chronic symptoms and are taking medications or natural supplements to treat your symptoms, keep reading.

The answers are not in a bottle. Instead, look deeply into the cause of your disease.

Before seeking a doctor for the “cure,” try empowering yourself with nutritional information and honest reflection. Contrary to conventional wisdom, medicine does not heal the body, it actually prolongs your sickness. The only way to correct your condition is discovering and releasing the cause of it.

More than 25 million people in the U.S. suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is a well-known risk factor leading to other serious diseases, including heart attack and stroke. Taking insulin to reduce blood sugar is one of the worst ways to treat Type 2 diabetes. Taking insulin to treat this condition will diminish the body’s insulin and leptin resistance over time. The only known way to re-establish a proper insulin and leptin signaling system is through proper exercise and diet.

To prevent and reverse Type 2 diabetes, as well as candida and yeast-related conditions, you must eliminate grains and sugar from your diet until your system is rebalanced. This includes alcohol, processed foods and fruit. A low-sugar and low-carb diet, exercise, sufficient rest, stress-reduction and emotional healing will activate the body’s own healing mechanism. All of these elements combine and act as a reset button.

If the root cause is overlooked the problem will only progress and metastasize. For example, a person suffering from diabetes and candida may have amalgam illness (from silver fillings). In this case, mercury bonds to the insulin and prevents its normal function. When this occurs the result is a diabetic condition, which requires insulin. Likewise, mercury is known to interfere with cysteine, which is involved with the delivery of insulin to the pancreas. Mercury also can elevate homocysteine levels, a process linked to causes of Type 2 diabetes. Reversing this condition requires removal of all mercury in the teeth, followed by a chelation detox to remove the heavy metals.

There is an order to healing that must be followed to truly eliminate the issue. Finding the cause of the problem is essential. Tailor the process to what the body needs specifically. Understand the condition and exactly how it is affecting the body. Select a holistic doctor who will test the body using muscle testing or applied kinesiology as well as running blood or saliva tests. These tests will determine if the root cause is chemical, nutritional, bacterial, emotional or a combination of things. Healing takes time and should be approached with love, care and patience.

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