When you clean your body through a detox program you start to connect with your inner self, and get clear on what you truly need and what’s most important;. reflect on past habits and behaviors and what changes you want to make to best take care of yourself. You may also become more spiritually aware and connected. This is the best time to journal, release the past, learn from yourself and create what you want. When you are aware of who you are and what you want, you live your truth. With your soul in alignment, beauty, health and happiness are a natural result.

At the core of my work is empowering self-awareness through journaling.  THE most important thing in life is to become self-aware; to know who you are, what you want, what you don’t want, to realize your thoughts (beliefs), words and actions are creating your life.  

Inner VoiceSelf-awareness come from turning within, listening to your inner voice and your own guidance system (emotions).  Move towards the things that bring you joy and move away from the things (thoughts and actions) that cause suffering. Live on purpose instead of by default, and live from your heart with compassion and kindness.  

When you embark on a cleansing program, and embrace a detoxification lifestyle, you can start to let go of the fear-based, limiting, conditioning that has been keeping you from living fully from your heart. You do this through awareness and intention.



If you want to change your body through a detox program, you must change your awareness.  What you need to detox (the cause of your stress) is going to be different than what other people need to detox; that is why detox programs won’t make a difference in the long-term unless you change your awareness and choices.  Start with picking up a pen and paper (journal) and ask yourself questions.

Set Your Intentions

Why am I detoxing?

What is my body telling me?

What is causing stress in my body and my life?  Listen to the signs & symptoms of the stress in your body.

What am I releasing? (food, drink, behaviors and people that drain your energy; negative habits, addictions, patterns, behaviors, limiting thoughts, beliefs, relationships)?

What do I really desire? (what do you want to feed your body and mind that gives you energy; how do you want to feel, live, act, where do you want to live, what do you want to do, who do you surround yourself with)

For more insight and guidance, start with an assessment.


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