Detox PointsAcupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine that uses the insertion of needles into specific points in the body to clear the channels (or meridians) running through the body thereby allowing the qi (or energy) to flow freely. The channels become blocked over time by the toxins that we take in, as well as from the general stresses and strains of everyday life. This causes a build up of toxins which affect the way our body and mind works.

The muscles, skin, bowels and sense organs are the “outlets” of the internal organs. They are the ways the body is able to detox poisons, so they can keep the body healthy and alive.

Without the heart, liver, lungs and pancreas, the body is not able to function. Examples of “stressors” on the body are: stress, food additives, mercury, pesticides, virus, bacterial, fungus and inter-personal conflict.  External stressors such as virus and pollution can eventually find their way into the internal organs if the muscles and skin are not strong enough to buffer.

Acupuncture keeps the muscles, skin, bowels and sense organs “open” and unblocked; this is what keeps them strong. It is one of the most effective detox therapies for keeping things open and moving. It is a system of medicine that works with “energy,” acknowledging that free flow of the body’s vital energy and fluid-humors is essential for health.

Acupuncture discovers the exact areas of blockage in the body, and opens the “outlets” by freeing the vital energy and blood, so proper detox can occur.

Treating the body is treating the spirit, as the spirit manifests through the body. Yoga and meditation are often used to “release the spirit.” Just as psychotherapy brings repressed thoughts and emotions to the surface, yoga and mediation can do the same on the spiritual level. However, if the “outlets” are blocked, the body, mind and spirit will have a difficult time “letting go” of whatever is being unearthed.  These therapies will assist you to holistically heal so you can enjoy life!

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