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Day 8, March 16th, 2013

In the video above I talk about how not all detox programs fit all and how it’s important to take an individual approach by listening to your body and raising your awareness of what is causing your symptoms and stress. You can start with an assessment to know where to begin.

The cleanses I do for myself are intuitive. I listen to my body and eliminate and heal the root causes. This one I wanted to give up chocolate/sugar and coffee, and discover what was causing me to “use” them. Once I gave those “drugs” up I was more in tune with my stress and went to a couple of healers to get to the cause of the fear and pressure I was numbing and now feeling. I then bought herbs to balance my blood sugar and reduce cravings. I also went to get a colonic and discovered that I was releasing parasites so I started to take Oil of Oregano today to cleanse the parasitic environment I was feeding with sugar. It is a journey, and one to be supported with awareness.

Fiat SportI bought a car today! I haven’t had one since I gave up all of my belongings (material detox) 4 years ago when I moved to Thailand. I bought a Fiat Sport from Landmark Fiat in Atlanta, and it makes driving fun!


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