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Day 7, March 15th, 2013

If you have been reading this daily blog from Day 1, you may have noticed I didn’t write anything for Days 6 & 7 and I was contemplating not writing one again! It’s interesting that this detox has helped me not work so hard. I’m detoxing my conditioned drive.

I’ve experienced 2 subconscious healings that helped me release fear around money and also the conditioning to work hard for approval. They were so effective I find myself not wanting to push myself.

I also had a colonic yesterday and felt a lot of worry and fear beforehand and that must have all gone down the tube because I felt peaceful and calm afterwards, which has carried forward all day today.

PuppyAn opportunity to train a puppy came into my life over the last 2 days, so maybe the energy of being a mother has centered me as well.   I am feeling more grounded especially after today meeting with my bookkeeper and have all of my books in order and taxes done. I’m also looking into buying a car in the next couple of days for the first time since I gave up all belongings 4 years ago.

Words of the Day: Peaceful, Calm, Grounded, Centered, Rooted


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