Day 26, April 3, 2013

When I woke up I felt the desire to move my body and remembered that I had the soundtrack to the Our Sacred Earth Active Meditation that I learned while living in Koh Samui, Thailand. I recalled the sequence and began my day with shaking, dancing, movin’ & groovin’ I felt E-MAZING!

Veeresh Sacred EarthOur Sacred Earth Active meditation involving movement, breath and shaking helps our busy western minds reach a place of silence easier. This one-hour meditation incorporates amazing music (by Maneesh de Moor and Mahi Hiraoka ) with the wisdom of Veeresh in spoken word to bring us to a place of mindfulness, respect and appreciation for our home, our sacred earth.

Our Sacred Earth begins with 6 stages alternating dancing and shaking, then we move into stillness, then silence until the last stage where we connect with each other in a commitment to take care of our planet earth.


Cathleen MillerI then had Spiritual Reading, Medical Intuitive and Healing Session with Cathleen Miller, Holistic Medium

Cathleen not only answered all of my questions regarding my soul’s purpose, cause(s) of bloating, relationship and food but she also helped me to clear the old beliefs, judgments and energy causing the symptoms plus helped me to connect to my partner’s energy and balanced my hormones by resetting my magnetic field around electronics.

She also picked up on a few items in my house that were causing me to hold onto the miscarriage I had last year that was contributing to the bloating. I ended up clearing a lot of things that reminded me of that time and gave them to a women’s shelter yesterday.

I feel clearer and inspired.



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