Day 1: 30-Day Spring Cleanse, Herbal Detox Kit, Quit Coffee & Sugar


Hello Detox Devotees!

Thank you for following, and joining, my 30 Day Spring Cleanse.

Day 1, March 9th, 2013

Journal: I always begin a cleanse with journal writing, to set my intention and commitment.

Write in your journal “Why am I detoxing?” and make a list of reasons, intentions, purpose and goals.  Your “Why” is your motivation!

My Purpose is to:

  • Break my coffee, chocolate/sugar addiction 
  • Discover and release the cause of the the stress I was numbing
  • Feel lighter  
  • Back off and retreat from all the “doing”
  • Cleanse the organs and parasites
  • Share my experience in order to inspire, teach and support other detox devotees

Detox Practices  

  • Day 1- CleanseDanced 5 Rhythms at Chantlanta by Smith with The Wave Atlanta
  • Bought a SmartCleanse Kit
  • Took a Dead Sea Mineral Salt Bath
  • Journaled my Intentions
  • Drank Yogi Skin Detox Tea 
  • Pulled a TAO Oracle Card

TAO Oracle Card: Small Is Beautiful

Message: Appreciating the need to retreat takes maturity and the capacity to see that going with the flow of nature, not against it, is our highest priority.

“Practice not doing, and everything will fall into place” – Lao-Tzu



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