Guided Reflections & Prayer JournalToday I feel:

Today I am grateful for:

Inspirations, prayer, scriptures, quotes:

I said a special prayer for:

Prayer(s), answered (comfort, peace, love and miracles):

Donations of the Heart (acts of kindness, sharing, caring and forgiveness):

What I would like to see happen tomorrow (Goals, ideas, etc)


I bought this journal from Amazon and have used the guided reflections and prompts for prayers everyday for 30 days and it has helped me stay connected to my heart and also as a reminder to ask for higher guidance and support. Feel free to buy this journal or simply write the questions down in your own blank journal for daily reflection. There is such comfort and freedom when we learn to surrender – let go and let God.

 Caroline Myss advises, “You have to come to terms with falling in love with the life you have. All the prayers in your world… will not take away from what you must go through.” in The Power of Prayer

(God and prayer have no religious meaning, you can pray to the unseen force and your own belief in a power greater than yourself)



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