crohn's disease

Living with Crohn's Disease

Monique's Testimonial

“Elicia has helped me on an incredible level to bring deep awareness into my life for healing and transformation.

I truly think everyone needs an Elicia in their life.

Her advice was first to work on a subconscious level, to become aware. My condition (Crohn's disease) has been cycling for years without coherence that it was stemmed from the emotion of guilt.

I am slowly letting go and eating the foods that make me feel lighter, happier and more in touch with myself.

I am taking responsibility for my actions and in turn nourishing my body-mind-soul. I am literally shifting the direction my wheel spins and it takes willpower, awareness and honesty with myself to make this change.

With her professional advice, Elicia helped me understand that I am only feeding my condition through engaging in foods that hurt me rather than heal.

I have been inspired to change my direction in life with my work, the people I choose to be around and the places I choose to live and venture as I listen and align with more clarity. ”

– Monique