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Elicia Miller and Doug Miller PhD present

Conscious Relating Couples Workshop

Transforming Conflict and Distance Into Love

"My marriage isn't over. I'm so grateful for the awareness yesterday with Elicia and Doug's help. These protective layers we all cover our deepest traumas with is like plaque buildup. I can't get the plaque off my teeth without the help of a professional. Elicia and Doug helped me scrape a layer of plaque off my heart and I'm thirsty for more."  - NaCole

During this experiential workshop, you will learn practical skills necessary to immediately work through the above issues and experience a deeper level of fulfillment. In addition, you will gain greater insight into the causes of the above patterns from your past while receiving direction for healing.

In your relationship:

  • Would you like more fulfillment on a deeper level?
  • Do you repeat negative, painful interactions?
  • Are there “walls” that contribute to distance?
  • Do you just “forget about it” instead of talking about how you feel?
  • Are you too busy to connect?
  • Do you engage in blaming your partner?
  • Do you carry resentment about past hurts?
  • Do you feel taken for granted or neglected?
  • Do you want more balance in your relationship, e.g., emotionally, financially, etc…

In this workshop, you gain clarity about your deeper relationship wants and needs,
even those that you yourself may be neglecting.

""All I can say is wow! Not only did I learn a lot about my relationship, but also I learned so much about myself and my part I play in all of my relationships. I learned that I don't have to be a door mat. I don't have to sacrifice my needs for others. I can care for others and myself. I don't have to carry the pain from my childhood experience anymore. Thank you so much Doug and Elicia for all that you two do."

- Jason

"Doug and Elicia helped me safely feel and offered support in such thoughtful ways. I have worked with so many couples therapists in the past and they were all nice people, but they never got to the meat of the problem. Elicia and Doug make it really clear that in order to help our marriage we both have to do the inner work on ourselves...They have really inspired us to delve deep in ourselves."

- NaCole

Elicia Miller, is a Core Emotional Healing Expert, Inner Child and Journaling Facilitator. Elicia applies an emotionally embodied approach in which she helps clients tune into the movements of emotions and energy that are the source of their physical symptoms and psychological issues. Through individual and group processes using Elicia’s Core Emotional Healing model, along with her compassion and intuition, she helps clients quickly and effectively heal the root cause of their physical and emotional symptoms, addictions, compulsions and relationship problems.

Doug Miller, PhD, is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with over 30 years of experience as a psychotherapist with men and men’s issues, individuals, couples and families. He runs a social media men’s group and has published for the Mankind Project, including the following article on Conscious Relating, click here to read.


Private 90 Minute Session with Elicia & Doug Miller, PhD on Zoom Video 

You will have the audio recording to listen to whenever you need the reminders!

A Husband's Review​

It opened up a new line of communication for us!

Most of my life I have had problems with communicating my feelings.

Which led me to be a door mat, and let my feelings build up until they came out in unhealthy ways.

Even when I felt I was being the kindest person, I would end up hurting myself or others around me in very passive aggressive way.

I'm thankful for the tools Elicia and Doug have given me to better express my feelings.

I reached out to Doug when I had recurring problems in my relationship. My wife had been working with Elicia for a little while.

We soon realized that we needed a couples session when we both felt we weren't communicating well.

It opened up a new line of communication for us. I have less fear of communicating my needs to my wife, and I now have a better understanding of her needs as well.

- Jason (NaCole's Husband)

A Wife's Review

I have definitely noticed Jason trying harder to express his needs .

In the past, I have expressed specific needs to my husband which were kind of falling on deaf ears and vice versa.

I’d tell him what I needed and he’d feel triggered and come back at me complaining how I was doing things and I’d get triggered and we would end up in a trigger battle.

Fighting and not hearing one another because we were both hurt and trying to get our own point across while not listening to each other.

As we continue to do the inner work we will have more clarity on our needs and boundaries with one another and with the world and in the end hopefully together create a thriving and healthy marriage.

I have definitely noticed Jason trying harder to express his needs and I am still struggling with being sensitive to that but I’m aware and doing my best to give him a safe place to communicate.

- NaCole (Jason's wife)

Your Triggers Are A Gift Workshop

From Reacting to Empowered​

You can learn how your triggers can heal your past and provide the guidance you need for stronger boundaries and greater self-love.

Do you ever wonder why:

• Certain people piss you off?

• Some people you don’t even know hurt you?

• You flip out when your partner doesn’t listen?

• You don’t feel heard or supported?

• You experience fear and/or anger in response to certain politicians?

• All it takes is a text message from family to set you off?

• You take someone cutting you off in traffic as a personal attack?

• When people don’t respond to you right away you feel uneasy?

Emotional Healing Events Atlanta

When you feel a strong emotional charge, you may think what is happening is caused by someone else, people doing things “to you” and making you feel angry.

However, what you feel in response to what is happening may be related to your past. Some or a lot of your fear, frustration, and resentments are being triggered from unexpressed past hurts and traumas. If a trigger is in response to something that is happening currently, your trigger can energize you to take action.

You will learn:

• How to recognize when you are triggered

• Why physical symptoms, cravings and binges are responses to triggers

• The source of triggers

• How to better respond to triggers

• How to use triggers to heal yourself

• How valuable triggers really are!

You will walk away feeling empowered and grateful knowing that triggers show you what you need to address to free yourself from your past hurts, symptoms and cravings, and that triggers guide you in strengthening your personal boundaries.

Understanding my Emotional Triggers

Elicia is wonderful to work with. She is very intuitive and passionate about inner child work. Elicia is able to lift the veil covering the reality of your repressed emotions and offers a safe and supportive environment for you while you start to find a true expression of yourself.

Because of the program I am now aware of my emotions and better able to articulate what is triggering them and what I am actually feeling.

Healing Past Wounds

I have a deeper level of awareness of the wounds I sustained in childhood and all the ways I learned to detach, distract, and numb myself away from my pain.

I am now starting to connect to my anger; giving myself permission to be angry and seeing why I am so angry and how it has affected my entire life

Processing emotions

Working with Elicia has allowed me to open up to the signals my body is giving me as well as my emotions, and really learn how to process them in an effective way.

More energy!

I have so much more energy now, I can really see my triggers for what they are and I connect with my self on such a deeper level.


About Elicia Miller

“Validate and value your feelings; embrace who you are.”

Core Emotional Healing & Candida Expert, Speaker, Author, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Inner Child and Journaling Facilitator

Elicia Miller serves those who are seeking to live a more empowered, nurturing and fulfilling life.

Elicia’s personal journey and service to many, combined with her compassion and deep unconditional love, has given her the gifts to help women and men experience acceptance, release and freedom.

Emotional Healing Events Atlanta

In our culture and our families, we did not receive the support to process many of our emotions, and so we remain unaware of them by distracting and numbing ourselves and through controlling and addictive behaviors.

Elicia has realized that unprocessed emotions cause chronic emotional and physical symptoms, as well as relationship problems. Elicia helps her clients to see their symptoms and triggers as a gift and to value their emotions as a necessary part of their authentic selves.

Women: develop and deepen your internal support system with Elicia's 60 day online group core emotional healing program.