In this post about how to heal candida, I will be sharing my own story about how I healed candida, naturally, without restrictive diets or expensive supplements, in the hope that it will show you that finally healing candida once and for all is possible for you, too!

My Candida Healing Story

If you’ve read my other healing candida blogs, you’ll know that my own journey of how I cured my candida was long, and I tried many different modalities to heal before discovering that my candida was emotional.

Due to unconscious beliefs formed in early childhood, including that I was not good enough or lovable, and the toxic shame of feeling there was something wrong with me, by the time I was in college I was overcompensating by being an overachiever and perfectionist. I was also struggling with bulimia, chronic BV, yeast infections, brain fog, hypothyroidism, digestive problems, and bloating.

Then, by the time I was 33, through years of course work that allowed me to be more aligned with my higher self, I started to shed those false identities.

Unfortunately, the coursework didn’t teach me how to rebuild my healthy ego or empower me with the tools I needed.

Because these things were missing, I continued to live from my wounded inner child for the next five years before I cured my candida.

After 10 years off and on the Candida diet and loads of physical cleansing, I thought I was fully healed. Yet I still struggled with restrictive eating, body image issues, bloating, not being able to support myself, and feeling scattered.

These diets and detoxes did not heal candida for me.

I found myself back in a codependent romantic relationship, and similar dynamics were being played out with various healers.

One evening I was lying on my bathroom floor heaving crying. I was feeling the intense pain, a familiar feeling of being with a man who was emotionally unavailable. My yeast and bloat flared up with a vengeance. I wasn’t eating anything that would have caused it, and at that moment, I realized that my Candida symptoms were emotional.

My big wake-up call was seeing that the answer to how to heal candida lay in healing my emotions.

I recognized the patterns, released my codependent relationships, and reclaimed my self-worth, and listened to my feelings.

I did the Core Emotional Healing®; inner child healing, anger release, and boundary setting to completely heal and be in my true power.

Fully healed from candida and all my symptoms, I fell in love with myself, as I am.

I eat what I want and I love my body.

I have no more compulsions/addictions with food, cleansing, and spiritual practices.

I look radiant and feel better than ever.

I make decisions from my intuition, know my worth, set healthy boundaries, and attract what I really want – including my soulmate, whom I married a year later.

I even removed my breast implants, which opened my heart and empathic abilities even more.

Candidiasis is a silent epidemic that drains your energy in every area of your life. More and more people are feeling this and are ready to heal.

If you are feeling chronically foggy, tired, insecure, bloated, itchy, and bitchy, there is a root emotional cause.

It’s not only what you are eating; it’s what you are not feeling.

Candida is actually a symptom of not feeling good enough, lovable, and safe. Most people haven’t done the core emotional healing it takes to become fully empowered, and so it sticks around until you express your unexpressed anger and grief so you can take care of your emotional needs – in the past and in the present.

The cure for Candida is not inside of a bottle, it’s inside you!

Break free from Candida, physical ailments, powerlessness, perfectionism, judgments, and blame by loving your inner child and releasing your emotional pain.

After I completely healed my Candida, I understood what is actually involved and developed an effective process to help others heal and become empowered.

You can learn to stop blaming others, set healthy boundaries, and reclaim your power!

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