Codependency to love and embracing myself – Laura - Elicia Miller

Codependency to love and embracing myself – Laura


Codependency and abusive relationships  and learning to embrace, love and accept myself where I am.

Laura Morris'   Personal Journey

I truly enjoy working with you Elicia, you are a blessing to me and I never thought I could be making this kind of progress. I have been in "traditional" counseling for 25 years and have never made strides like this.

When I started Elicia’s program in Dec. of 2015, I was just trying to survive through the day. Not really living life, just trying to get to the next day. I was seeking approval from others in order to feel “OK”. No approval, not ok that day. I used any means possible to “feel better”, in other words, to escape from feeling altogether.

I am a former addict of 36 yrs. (clean since May 2013) and although I was not in active addiction, I was still struggling. Codependent/abusive relationships were the norm for me. I did not love, honor or respect myself. I was having issues with the family. I felt as though I was always living in the shadow of my addiction.

When I started working with Elicia there were certain things that I told her I would absolutely will NOT stop doing, even though I knew how unhealthy they were for me! She did not push me at all; we just continued to move forward. Elicia accepted me where I was, encouraging me, seeing the good in me when all I could see were the faults and imperfections. It was so foreign to me to say anything positive about myself.

She is very thorough in getting to know her clients using an in-depth questionnaire. I think this is so important so she can see where we are, what has shaped our beliefs about ourselves and how these dynamics keep replaying over and over throughout our lives until we start shifting things around. I worked with Elicia privately for 6 months and then joined her Level 2 group program. I am really enjoying the group calls, getting to know the other women and what they are going through. I sometimes feel like I am the only one going through something or I am ashamed of feeling a certain way, then someone in the group will say something and I realize I am not alone on this journey. We are traveling together, supporting each other lovingly.

Since working with Elicia, I am able to embrace myself, love myself and accept where I am right now. I actually did stop doing the things I told her I would NOT stop doing since we started working together 🙂 It has only been 9 months and I have made a lot of progress. My family dynamics are shifting; my work relationships are changing in ways I never would have thought possible. I had been in traditional counseling for over 25 years and have not seen these kinds of changes in my life until now by working with Elicia. It feels great to be this happy. I am looking forward to continuing this journey and being the best I be!

With much Love and Gratitude,

Laura Morris