Codependency and toxic relationship healing are over with Elicia Miller

Codependency and toxic relationships are things of the past.

Bari's Testimonial

Omg how do I even put the the change of process into words!??

Honestly, words or any picture I paint for you could never even come close to truly describing the amount of change that has occurred…

I allowed myself to be around toxic people, was in a toxic manipulative controlling relationship where I gave up all my power, I had low self esteem, was so confused about things, life, what I wanted to do, who I was, I’d never set boundaries and didn’t even know how to, I took on other people’s stuff and didn’t value myself. I just felt like I was going in circles. Going nowhere. Literally.

Starting was the hardest for me. Actually looking at, feeling, and processing everything was scary and overwhelming. I procrastinated.. big time! Repressed emotions surfaced that I didn’t even know I held onto. Sometimes I took 2 steps forward and then a step back. But I understand now that’s okay. Everyone’s journey is different and taking as much time as I needed was ok. But once I started transitions started to happen. They didn’t happen overnight… Sometimes I thought nothing is happening but was I wrong– things were definitely shifting and I was integrating.

It feels like peeling an onion. Each layer is a process and as each layer was peeled away, I’m falling more in love with MYSELF. I’m learning who I am and it’s amazing. It’s really beautiful. I’ve never loved or appreciated myself. Every single layer was such a beautiful transformation.. Something I can look at and say and witness as the person I am


I’ve gotten out of a toxic relationship.. I started healthy dating for the first time and now in a healthy supportive positive relationship, I started school and know what I want to do career wise. I value myself. Definitely processed a lot of emotions out. Awareness of emotional triggers, physical symptoms and emotional eating have been getting better and less often.

I can go on and on…

I’m still integrating. I still process things. I still have triggers. But now I’m aware of them and understand and can acknowledge them when they are happening and what is going on. I’m able to work with my inner child if needed, process the emotions and feel the shifts. Working with Elicia has given me the tools and guidance I needed. Everything in my life seemed so confusing toxic and depressing.

I honestly thought I wasn’t that bad though and had my stuff figured out. I only began working with her because I just had a strong intuition that I needed to. For whatever reason it was I just knew this intuition was to strong to dismiss. I’m so thankful I did.

Working with her has cleared the path for me to even see where to take my 1st step…

Working with her and using the tools, the debris started to clear and I was able to take my next step. On my path. That I couldn’t see until I started to do the work. The on going support from her and everyone else in her groups has been the most helpful and so beneficial. Elicia, it’s been so appreciated to have your support and guidance and forever thankful.

– Bari