If you’re looking for a cleansing fire ritual, one of my favorite fire cleansing ritual practices is Green Fire. Easy enough to do at home with just a few ingredients, this is a powerful fire ritual cleansing that I have personally used on my healing journey over the years.

I have used this fire cleansing practice to remove toxic influences from my life, from painful relationships to toxic behaviors and false self adaptations.

One of the best things about this Epsom salt and rubbing alcohol fire is it doesn’t use any endangered indigenous plants or minerals either (such as white sage or palo santo), and you can adapt the core fire purification ritual below to bring it in line with your own lineage and spiritual beliefs.

You can find the step-by-step instructions for how to make this Epsom salt fire below in this post.

How does Cleansing With Fire Work?

As with any fire ritual, the purpose of this cleanse by fire is to help release what is no longer serving you and call in a cleansing spirit to assist you on your healing journey by releasing what is not in your highest good.

Rituals can be powerful tools to mark endings, new beginnings and are easy to incorporate into full moon releasing practices. The green fire energy can be a soft healing force, too. Since this ritual calls in a fresh start, you could also do it on the new moon.

Do Fire Rituals Work?

Readers also ask me if rituals such as this green flame spiritual cleanse really work?

The answer is that while spiritual practices such as this can be helpful and play an important part in your healing journey, the patterns and situations you are looking to release through cleansing by fire and other rituals are likely to not be fully released until you address the root cause of what is bringing them about in the first place.

In my case – it was my wounded inner child that was at the root of all of my unwanted symptoms, behaviors, and patterns.

And while energy healing, cleansing, and many other things helped me along my healing path, nothing truly shifted until I started to heal my wounded inner child.

Until I addressed that, I would just keep attracting new toxic situations and patterns that were similar to the ones I had just released.

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How to Make Green Fire with Salt: Step-by-Step Instructions

Below you’ll find how to make the fire for this cleanse with fire ritual. As always, make sure you keep the fire away from anything flammable, and never leave the fire burning unattended.

To prepare for this burning salt ritual, first, take out your journal and write down all the things you would like to release, physically and mentally. This is a powerful ritual to signal the beginning of a new season in your life.

How to do Fire Cleansing Step-by-Step

These instructions are an Excerpt from Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette

You will need:

  • Foil
  • 2 cups Epsom Salt
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • A deep fire-resistant pot
  • Matches

Make sure you have all the essentials listed above.

Line the bottom of the pot with foil to protect it, fill it with two cups of Epsom salt, and pour enough rubbing alcohol over the salt to fully cover it.

Once you have added the Epsom salt and ‘green’ alcohol mixture, place the pot on a protective plate in the middle of the floor of the main room of your home, apart from anything that can catch on fire. If you have a fireplace, put it there.

As you light the mixture, ask your Higher Self, angels, and guides to help you release all old and negative vibrations, leaving your environment free and clear of unwanted energy.

Place the list of old vibrations in the fire. It usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes for the fire to burn out, so remain with it.

Whenever I burn green fire, I like to drum out the old energy as well. If you have a drum, you might want to do this; if you don’t, you can always improvise and use another pot to drum on.

Making loud noises helps dissipate negative energy as you burn the fire, so feel free to make loud sounds, grunts, or chants.

Laughing is another great cleanser, and this ritual does make one laugh.

Another helper is to ring a bell while burning the fire.

You can also shout at the energies in your home – a simple “Get out!” does the job, and it’s fun to scream this. You could also recite your favorite spiritual quotes if you feel called.

A green fire ritual is very powerful and effective and should only be done with real intention. I do it every three or four months, or whenever I feel a little blocked, just to clear and renew my spirit.

Notice how much lighter and more conscious you feel after cleansing your energetic space with this burning Epsom salt and alcohol fire ritual.

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