Cerebral Palsy Symptoms Improved with healing program Elicia Miller
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Cerebral Palsy symptoms have improved!

Rebecca's Testimonial

I am happy in my soul. My heart is lighter. My smiles are genuine. Every morning I wake with a song on my lips. Every. Single. Morning. But Elicia doesn’t stop with the spiritual.

Elicia’s work has me living in and listening to my body in an entirely new way. She taught me my body has something to say. I learned to identify the triggers that can arise and make me want to fall into old destructive patterns. I now know how to face those triggers and discover what is at the root. Instead of stuffing my face with carbs and grease to dull the pain of a trigger, I can now look inside and resolve the pain, anger, or sadness at the bottom. As a result, I far far fewer triggers! Today fast food no longer calls to me. My body craves healthy food and water in a way it never has before. I swear even my taste buds have changed! My entire body has changed!

As crazy as it sounds, my cerebral palsy symptoms have improved!

I walk straighter and I can walk longer.

I haven’t even used my cane since I finished this course.

Now I use it to reach things in my car! I haven’t even fallen once! A huge victory!! Stairs are easier, my center of balance is better and all physical activities are easier and less painful. I haven’t felt this good in my body since I was sixteen! And I know it’s better now than it was then because now I love my body!

And I’m not the only one to notice the difference. People have commented on my new appearance; long time friends tell me I look better than ever. My eyes are brighter, my skin is clearer, and whole body just shines with the light of self love. I have literally and honestly never been happier. Now all my self worth and pride and power comes from me. Not anyone else. I am the cause and the source of my happiness.

I have even attracted a healthy partner into my life. I have never felt so calm and relaxed in a relationship. There are zero self confidence issues and I felt comfortable and safe to be one hundred percent myself. While my partner is amazing and appreciates my whole being, all that confidence come from me! If the relationship ended tomorrow I would be sad but I would survive. My self worth no longer comes from anyone but me.

It’s tempting to say I’m a new woman. The truth is I’m finally the woman I was meant to be. The anger and sadness and guilt and victimhood are gone and going. There will be more challenges in the future but I am better equipped to face them. My work continues as more comes to the surface but I have the tools to process these feelings and Elicia is always there for guidance. I even look forward to these deep feelings coming to the surface because I know the joy that comes with their release! For the first time in my entire life, I more me than I could have ever hoped and it is Glorious!!

– Rebecca