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Group Program

The CEH Group Program is co-facilitated by me and my husband, Doug Miller, PhD.

I have been where you are now and healed all of my symptoms, and spent over a decade creating the CEH process and refining it through real client experiences.

My husband, Doug, is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who helped develop the CEH process and shares a very similar history of emotional healing.

We bring over 50 years of combined experience as healers to help you. To read more about us, please see our bio at the bottom of the page.

Having consistent and ongoing access to both of us, in the Group Program, along with your commitment to your own process, will heal your core wounds on many levels.

You will finally receive the support you’ve always needed so you can release your limiting patterns and be fulfilled in the ways you truly want.

The CEH Group Program changes your life!

Symptoms start to lessen and disappear
Feel empowered with your triggers
No need for distractions and avoidance
Clarity with your feelings, wants, and needs
Create supportive relationships
Greater self love and acceptance
Guided by your intuition
Aligned with your truth
Feel joy, playful, and happy
Elicia and Doug Miller

This program is designed to provide the live session guidance and support you need at an affordable price point. This program is the most effective way to heal and gain clarity in all areas of your life.

CEH Group Program Includes:


3 live Zoom video group sessions per month, that’s 9-18 sessions with Elicia and Doug! If you can’t join some of them live, you can ask us questions to answer during the call, and you’ll have access to view the recordings after each group session. The group will be limited to a maximum of 6 participants and last from 1-2 hours depending on how many people are on the call. On the calls, each person will get 20 minutes of processing with Elicia and Doug.


Our private Facebook Group where you can post questions in the group and receive the support you need Monday – Thursday between the group calls.


Monthly Facebook Lives so you can join with a question/situation you want help with and also enjoy the experience of being with our beautiful, supportive community. You will also have access to all previous Facebook Lives to watch where we answer the most common questions.

The Benefits of Group Support

You may be reluctant to join a group program because of the very things you need to heal from. This can include not feeling safe being vulnerable and fearing rejection. Much of this comes from feelings of shame at your core.

You will realize you are not alone, not the only one.

Once you begin you will soon realize that the group support is the exact thing you need to heal from your shame and you will develop a healthier sense of belonging that includes boundaries and so much more.

As you hear about other people’s childhood, their issues and healing process, you will experience a lot of “Aha” moments and realize what you need. You will also feel encouraged and that you have the strength to do the things you have been avoiding on your own.

Everyone will be going through the Self Study lessons at their own pace and this offers more complete learning and growth. Through hearing other’s experiences, you can discover new aspects of your healing or learn new and subtle aspects of things you have already been through.

During the group calls we will be helping you with wherever you are and whatever you need. It could be helping you connect to your inner child, addressing the source of a trigger/pattern, setting boundaries, providing you with the insight and perspective to move you through your healing, and anything else that may arise.

Other benefits include healing core emotional wounds, releasing limiting beliefs and coping mechanisms, really taking care of your feelings and using them as a source of inner personal power and information, asking for what you need, releasing your adaptations/false self, and embracing your authentic self and gifts.

The Group Program requires a 3 or 6-month commitment to support and guide you through your healing process. You will get the support you need every step of the way.

The cost for 3 months is $1,800 or $600/month, 6 months is $2,800 paid in full, or $500/month. The weekly Zoom group sessions are Tuesdays or Thursdays at 11am ET.

As soon as you sign up, you will have access to the Facebook Group Support and join the weekly group call.

If you are interested in the CEH Group Program, the first step is completing our free assessment. After you submit the assessment, we will be in touch within 48 business hours.

**This is an open enrollment program and you can join at any time.

Here’s what 3 clients said after 2 months in the Group Program…

“Knowing Elicia and Doug now more I wouldn’t go anywhere else. These are the people to walk the line with. You’ll be supported and accepted by compassion and wisdom. I finally feel met on a soul level as opposed to a symptoms one.

After only 2 months into the program, some of my symptoms are gone and others are less severe and gradually decreasing. Even when they flare up here and there, I now have the courage to be more kind. I also have less hostility towards myself overall and my mood is more stable. I’m more honest and willing to meet my sadness and fear. I’m feeling hopeful and inspired for the first time.” Read Izabela’s full testimonial after completing the 6-month program…


“If you are on a healing journey, and would like a comprehensive support system, consider joining Elicia and Doug’s CEH group program.

Elicia and Doug are truly supportive and caring individuals that can help you get to the root of issues that may hold you back. Expressing emotion is a fundamental gift each one of us has, and Elicia and Doug deeply understand how it works to process emotion and release it to arrive on a lighter, happier path.”


“I was too afraid that being in a group would somehow deprive me of something. I was afraid it would divide my attention leaving me feeling lonely and void once more. It turns out the opposite is true, I’ve gotten a lot more in the group than just on my own. The more Elicia and Doug give to each and everyone of us, the more steady and fulfilling it gets. They give so much kindness and a high level of professionalism, which makes it so much more secure. Also I love the people in the group as they become like family. We all get what we are craving, a deep sense of Love.

I had lost hope and I know now I am OK. The CEH Group Program truly exceeds all my expectations. In terms of content there’s so much to learn in the Self Study videos and with the calls + the FB group both in terms of quality and quantity I feel I’m getting SO MUCH. I’ve never experienced such abundance and this kind of steady and reliable support in my entire life. It is just amazing.

To you, my dear guides and “spiritual parents”: you have shown up for me in a way no one had before and what you are, your authenticity is keeping me in trust that life is magic. Your love and clarity. From darkness to Light. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so grateful to you.


After 3 months in the Group Program…

“When I signed up for the 6 month group program, I understood that I needed to focus on inner child healing in order to heal the root causes of my symptoms and patterns. I was experiencing a dark night of the soul and I needed guidance from a healer I could really trust to guide me through my journey while empowering me to heal myself.

Elicia’s journey really resonated with me and I felt like I could trust her to help me get through it. Plus having Doug was an added bonus! I was having a ton of dreams that I wasn’t really doing anything with, and I felt I could really benefit from Doug’s expertise and support with dream interpretation. I had some doubts when I first started about even working with another healer again based on my last experience. I didn’t want to become codependent and I thought I wouldn’t get as much value from group sessions as I would from individual sessions.

Signing up for the CEH program when I did was the right choice. I definitely need the support to go through this journey, and I really trust Elicia and Doug to guide me through the difficult moments. I feel seen, heard, and understood by Elicia and Doug. I was hesitant about sharing in the Facebook group, but I get so much value out of it – writing my posts help reinforce and clarify my thinking/feeling, Elicia and Doug’s responses help me feel heard and supported and add additional insight and encouragement that I couldn’t get from myself, and reading others’ posts is also so insightful. It shows me I’m not alone in what I’m going through, whereas I often felt that way working one-on-one with a previous healer.

I also get so much value from the group coaching sessions. I originally assumed there would be 20-30 people in each session which made me feel like I wouldn’t get personalized attention. But in reality it’s a very small group (no more than 6 people and we all get one-on-one support by both Elicia and Doug on every call), and we’re all going through or have gone through similar experiences so hearing someone else’s experience and listening to Elicia’s and Doug’s responses adds so much insight for me. It’s like holding up a mirror to my own experience, allowing me to see it from a more objective perspective.

If you’ve just stumbled upon Elicia and Doug’s work or you’ve been thinking about it for a while, it probably means this program is for you. There might just be some resistance you’re feeling towards asking for help and being vulnerable, which can be particularly difficult for the wounded inner child in all of us. It took me about 6 months after first finding Elicia before I was ready and willing to do the deep work in the 6 month group program. I was hesitant even when I reached back out to her, because of what I experienced working with a previous healer and because of financial reasons. But a part of me knew I needed this and I couldn’t do this alone, and I’m so glad I listened to that voice within me. I encourage everyone to listen to the voice inside of you that led you to Elicia and Doug – what does it need now? What do you have to lose? And what do you have to gain?

This program is definitely worth the cost and then some. It is life-changing. What’s your willingness to pay to truly live your life in freedom, love, and joy? I had 6-figures in student loan debt when I first signed up for this program, so I was definitely hesitant. But this is definitely an investment that will pay off the rest of my life. For what we get – weekly sessions with not just one experienced, gifted healer but two of them, regular access to them via the Facebook support group, and a supportive community of other clients who are experiencing similar challenges are all important factors in the healing process and absolutely worth the price. I’m sure I’d be paying the same price or more for other short-term fixes down the road if I didn’t pay for this program now.

I’m so grateful to you Elicia and Doug for holding such a safe space for me – nonjudgmental, compassionate, understanding – and for providing hope. I know what it’s like to work with other healers and not feel entirely safe – it just doesn’t work, and it can trigger past trauma and even create new ones. So I’m grateful for the safe space you hold so well, for modeling qualities I’d like to exude myself as a healer, and for not just giving me fish but teaching me how to fish for myself.”


After 4 months…

“I signed up for the 6 month group program after trying for years to do it alone, with a private session here and there. I knew I needed consistent support to continue my healing journey with Candida and address core wounds and patterns that were still showing up in my life around relationships, self-expression and work, and not feeling empowered.

I feel a close bond to all of the other call participants and I learn so much through their own learnings and healings, something that I never expected to do. To start with I was afraid of sharing my story and vulnerabilities in front of others, but to do so and receive support from others has been deeply valuable. It is also helping me to overcome my fear of how others see me / what others think of me.

I am becoming more able to share on a deep level without so much fear of judgement. In the first few weeks I definitely stayed with “surface issues” because I was afraid to go deeper. Now, I feel more empowered to be me and ask for support and be supported by Elicia, Doug and the group. I notice that I am seeing my symptoms, patterns and struggles for what they are a lot more clearly and how everything links together. I am more connected with my inner child and her needs, and I am more connected to my intuition.

This is the work. I have found time and again that when it comes to healing and discovering our full potential there is no magic bullet. Doug and Elicia help their students to dig deep and hold loving, supportive space to heal and grow. 3-6 months might feel like a big investment, but it creates a space for change to happen.”


After 6 months…

“I joined Elicia and Doug’s 6 Month Group Program because I was experiencing current trauma, and I was encouraged by my family and lover to seek professional help.

I addressed so much more than I ever knew was there. The whole process, with the help of Elicia and Doug, explained the why rather than just addressing the current situations.

As a result of the program I am planning my life again, not attached to what everyone else wants. I’m also shedding layers of ego I didn’t realize I was hiding behind in fear. If anyone is considering this program, do it, keep going, don’t get stuck where you are, you can process it and move on from it as long as you keep engaged, reach out for support, and do the work.

The amount of support I received made this program worth every penny. I felt I had a team by my side to work through my process. Thank you Elicia and Doug for helping me find me again, and helping me learn how to see the world with clear eyes. ❤🙏 ”


“When I first contacted Elicia she mentioned that some of her other clients in the 6 month group program had similar symptoms as me. I had never really found people with the same symptoms or a space to talk about it. I was already thinking about doing the CEH Support Group because Elicia’s Self Study had been so helpful. Once I knew many of the others were going through the same thing, it made so much sense and was the confirmation I needed to just go for it.

Honestly, I had no idea what to expect. I was going through a pretty dark time with moving out of my flat and I felt like I was clutching around in the dark. I thought that maybe it could give me the answers I needed to heal. I had no idea how much it would just turn everything in my life on its head.

I was suffering from terrible anxiety and depression. The panic attacks went away in the first couple of months and I get odd days now with depression, but I know what I need to do to get through it.

A lot of my chronic fatigue has lifted and my OCD is hardly noticeable – in fact often when I leave the house now sometimes I don’t have to check once. My digestion was really awful and although I still can’t eat some things, it’s a lot better.

Six months ago I couldn’t imagine having a point to my life that wasn’t focused on pleasing other people. So much has changed in terms of how I feel, my symptoms, the people around me, I can’t believe it’s only been in six months!

My life has changed in ways I never would have believed and I am starting to feel a sense of being loved, contentment, and connection.”


“I was suffering with candida, digestive issues, energy ups and downs, combined with mood swings and even bouts of depression. I also felt unfulfilled in my work – feeling always stressed out, late, and not happy with myself.

I felt like my overall system wasn’t functioning properly, and after working a lot on the physical aspects of it (which helped but didn’t solve everything), I realized that I needed to work on the emotional and even energetic sources of those issues. I needed to get to the core of my problems.

CEH was of profond help. I couldn’t have had the breakthroughs I’ve had on my own. Starting the CEH process was opening the door to my core wounds, and it was necessary to be supported on this journey.

I’ve experienced huge emotional releases during this process, and the results are amazing. I’d say the biggest one is around my energy. I feel so much more energized, I don’t consume caffeine anymore, and I feel much more stable. It’s the same with my moods and my “down” periods. Overall, I feel much more happy and in joy.

Also, I was able to let go of most of the stress I experience on a daily basis with my business. The process helped me get to the core of the stress and dissatisfaction I was feeling. It was deeper than I thought, and I’m so happy to not be stuck with that huge weight anymore.

The great thing now is that I am fully equipped to keep going on this healing journey. I can feel my state, energy, and happiness improving each day as I keep taking care of myself.

I am so grateful to have done the CEH process, which was profoundly transformative and empowering. It’s hard to put into words what it helped me do. It’s priceless. After years of struggling with physical, mental and emotional issues, it feels so good to be finally able to heal the core issues.”


If you are ready and able to join the CEH Group Program, start now by submitting your free assessment. After you submit the assessment, we will be in touch within 48 business hours.

If you are ready and able to join the CEH Group Program, start now by submitting your free assessment. After you submit the assessment, we will be in touch within 48 business hours.

**This is an open enrollment program and you can join at any time.

About Elicia Miller and Doug Miller, PhD

About Elicia Miller and Doug Miller, PhD

Doug Miller, PhD, and Elicia Miller, are in a fulfilling marriage that has provided immense growth and healing, as well as great insight into their work with clients. Each has taken a unique path in their quests to heal, express their true self, and live to their greatest fulfillment. They both embrace growth, and even healing, as an ongoing process. For over four years, Doug and Elicia have been working together leading Group Programs, Private Healing Immersions, and Couple Sessions.

Elicia Miller is the Founder of Core Emotional Healing® and Candida and Inner Child Expert. With her warrior spirit, Elicia went on a healing journey including: 12 years ago, giving up a successful 6 figure business career and moving to Thailand for 2.5 years. She personally explored every healing modality available and created 3 different healing directories in Atlanta, Thailand and San Francisco.

After 10 years of frequent Experiential Therapy and many other modalities of healing, she healed herself fully from Systemic Candida, eating disorders and codependence, and has been leading groups of men and women online and in retreats to heal themselves. Elicia uses her intuitive gifts and specialized training to guide others through a deep healing process so they can live more fulfilling lives. For the past 15 years, she has been helping healing practitioners see themselves more clearly and to step into their power. Elicia sees everyone’s truth and potential and helps them rise to it.

Doug is a Transpersonal and Licensed (U.S.) Clinical Psychologist who, in addition to helping people heal, has dedicated his life to understanding consciousness and it’s expansion. While in Graduate School, major projects included: Adult Development, The Relationship Between Existential and Spiritual Issues in Psychotherapy, and Myers-Briggs Types and Personality Pathology. For the past nearly 40 years, he has focused on understanding any path to awakening and applied it to his work with his clients, understanding each person and their path as a valuable and Unique Manifestation. Doug’s experience has provided him with a deep understanding of how childhood emotional and family dynamics and cultural conditioning interact with personal development, spiritual growth and fulfillment. He first co-lead an Experiential Therapy retreat over 25 years ago and has found this approach to be the most effective and efficient.

Doug and Elicia have brought together their similar skills and approaches to help individuals and couples heal the sources of problematic patterns, chronic symptoms and feeling stuck. With their penetrating insight, grounded intuition, and experiential processes, Doug and Elicia help their clients express their truth and realize greater fulfillment.

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