Core Emotional Healing FAQs

Core Emotional Healing® FAQs

These are questions that have come directly from clients in my CEH Support Group, those who are doing the work with my CEH Self Study Program and showing up to get support when they hit blocks, resistance, or just need clarity on the process.

My goal is to give you some insight into the healing process and allow you to see how people, just like you, are getting the help they need.

Client Question: Do I have to recall everything that ever happened to me and process all traumatic events to heal or will I need another lifetime? (She also mentioned that she is very careful with every interaction with herself and others, afraid of how it’s affecting her.)

You don’t have to worry about getting it all done, you also don’t need to go digging for it, nor do you need to try hard to make sure you are thorough with your healing. This is another example of “what ifs” about the future. Stay present and just know that your healing will happen for you as long as you stay aware and engaged with your triggers and patterns. Your healing will happen for you in the right time, trust that life will give you everything you need. 

If you are worried about every interaction you have, then that’s similar to a hypochondriac being afraid of someone coughing. You are mostly likely coming from being a perfectionist, and applying it to your healing trying to get everything right. My suggestion is to relax and trust, you can make mistakes and correct along the way. 

There is also a tendency called analysis paralysis where you overanalyze everything, which causes you to not do anything. Things will happen that you don’t want to, there will be interactions that don't feel good, you may say things that aren't exactly what you want to say and that's okay. You're not making things worse. You're just living your life and you can trust yourself to know how to handle difficult situations by having self awareness and acceptance.

If you don’t say what you meant to say in the moment, you can always do it next time or make a phone call to let them know how you really felt. The best thing is just to have witness consciousness where you can reflect but not over analyze or worry.

And just so you know, you're not creating more things to heal from or deal with when you're faced with difficult situations or people or even your own difficult feelings.

Client Question: What is the line between experiencing huge repressed emotions but not overdoing it in one sitting? In other words: how do you know when enough is enough in one “feeling that feeling” sitting?

After you have your inner child session with me, you will create an intentional time where you're processing repressed emotions, or using your triggers that lead you back to your repressed emotions. You’ll be writing letters, feeling and expressing your feelings out loud.

I asked her more questions about what happened because overdoing it can look like a lot of different things. I want to make sure I know exactly what you're doing, where you felt like you overdid it, because it could be that you are just going over your story and you're feeling worse, which is different than actually expressing your feelings about what hurt you.

This process can get a little tricky because you may think that you're processing feelings when you're just actually sitting in them. She said she processed feelings of shame after our inner child session and started reading an Alice Miller book. Now reading some of these books can help with the awareness of what you need, but they may not give you the process. Alice Miller’s Drama of the Gifted Child, describes basically why people get stuck. It’s all about defenses and protecting the parents. It’s not about the process. It’s important to do things that can help you process your feelings.

You can read Healing The Child Within and Language of Emotions to help you understand your feelings and why you need to value them and what the messages are and how to embrace your feelings if you're having trouble with certain emotions.

The CEH Self Study is the process to heal your inner child, access and release your repressed emotions and take care of your emotional needs on an ongoing basis. process your emotions. I asked her if she wrote about her feelings to express how she felt to a parent and how she processed her feelings of shame.

If you're really connected to your feelings through a trigger, or through just a new awareness, and things that we talked about, you can allow yourself to go further into your feelings, expressing them, crying, bashing a pillow, and then comforting your inner child. That whole process is usually around 10-30 minutes.

If you are not working with a trigger, you can access your repressed feelings through writing, and how long you write for will vary. You can write a lot about everything that hurt you and that could take an hour. And while you're writing, you may go into your feelings and scream into a pillow, and express what you wanted to express that you couldn't to your parents or whomever you are writing about.

I want you all to know that when you're starting this process and going into your feelings and actually expressing them, it's normal to feel uncomfortable. And this process is really about helping you embrace your feelings no matter what, so try to not shift them to feel better.

Now, if you're feeling a little altered or shaky, then it's important to comfort yourself and to calm your nervous system. You can hold your stuffed animal or pillow and curl up into a ball. You can hug yourself by wrapping your arms around your body and rock back and forth. You can say sweet things to your inner child. And you can just fall asleep and just let it integrate.

When you feel altered or shaky, a little off, your body is reorganizing from the energy that you just released. And then you'll have more openness and clarity and you'll feel more deeply connected to yourself and even safer in your body. The more and more you do it, you may find yourself feeling calmer. And eventually you may find yourself in a whole different state of mind, settled into your body and in the present moment. You may find obsessive thoughts, compulsions and behaviors naturally fall away.

Again, it's a process and you'll notice shifts not because you think you should be there, they usually just spring up like a surprise gift! You all of a sudden may notice that you didn’t react or you don't have anxiety anymore. 

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Core Emotional Healing® (CEH) gets to the root cause of your symptoms in order to heal for good.

CEH was developed because while physical treatments, traditional therapy, energy healing and other healing modalities help - they often don’t get to the root cause of mental and emotional symptoms, eating disorders, addictions and relationship problems, and many emotionally based physical symptoms.

Because the underlying emotional issues aren't addressed, you end up repeating patterns, or your symptoms come back after years of therapy and treatments.

I’ve put together some of my best tools to help you take effective action to really heal and experience lasting relief - and I'm sharing them with you in this free gift!

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CEH Self Study

My intention for you in 2020 is to see yourself more clearly so you can release the conditioning and false beliefs that were created from what you experienced, your culture, your family's conditioning, and how they've been living.

We are all evolving, healing, and growing out of the old ways that have limited our experience here on earth.

Seeing yourself more clearly is also about seeing what is best for you in the moment, as opposed to what you “should” be doing or where you think you should be or what other people want from you.

Also, consider where you are in terms of your personal growth, your limits, and your resources. Of course you have goals and dreams to be somewhere else. In each moment, come back to what's best for you given where you are now, not where you thought you would be or what you ultimately want for yourself.

Embrace your unique path and divine timing.

Lots of love,

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