CEH 6-Week Class Group Guidelines

Please read this page thoroughly, submit the form below, and download the Group Session Guidelines HERE for your records.

Our group sessions will be 60-90 minutes depending on the number of participants attending, and questions each session. 

This group is private and confidential – everything that is said stays here unless you want to talk about your process outside of the group without mention of anyone else in the group. 

Please keep your video on the whole time unless you are walking or are in a public place. If you aren’t in a private place, or you have someone in your house who can hear the session, please use earphones. 

It is strongly recommended that you are in a private space as the presence of others can change how you participate. We understand if privacy is not possible on occasion. 

Elicia will be muting everyone, if Elicia asks “who has a question”, please raise your hand and she will call your name for you to unmute yourself. 

Elicia will answer questions in order of submission. You can submit your questions to Elicia before the session, as well as during the session using the chat box. 

Please only send Zoom chat messages to “Everyone” so Elicia can see them, that’s how she is able to monitor what is being said to make sure everyone feels safe. If someone sends you a private chat, please let Elicia know. 

When Elicia asks for questions please write in the chat box or put your hand up and she will call on you, share only about yourself, do not talk about anyone else’s process or share unless it’s related only to you. 

No coaching or giving advice to others in the group, leave that up to Elicia. It may help to let your inner child know they can just receive support and share how your experience may relate to other people’s.

In the group, you are responsible for yourself. For example, if you realize you want time to interact with Elicia after the start of the group, it is up to you to make sure you get it.  Similarly, if you have an issue with another group member that is affecting you, please privately consult with Elicia.

If you feel triggered with someone in the group, please let Elicia know in an email so she can help process the trigger with you. If you feel triggered with Elicia, please let her know as soon as possible, including during the group, so she can help you. 

If it’s your first time sharing in the group session, please introduce yourself, your name, where you live, and anything else personal that you want to share about why you joined this class.


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