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1 Healing Turning Points: Asthma, Bulimia, Body Image

Healing Turning Points: Asthma, Bulimia, Body ImageThis post is the second in a series called Healing Turning Points: Transforming Pain into Self-Love. The purpose of this series is to show you that you are not alone, that others have experienced the same pains you have, and that there is a path to healing. You can catch […]

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1 Healing Turning Points: Dysfunctional Relationships and Candida

Healing Turning Points: Dysfunctional Relationships and CandidaHealing our emotional wounds is a journey that is unique for each person and full of twists and turns, as well as surprising realizations. While we can be mostly healed from our past, our growth continues and as we grow, different aspects of ourselves are brought to light. This […]

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Experiential Therapy Provides Immediate Breakthroughs

Inner Child, Trauma, Emotional Healing and RebirthIf you’ve tried talk therapy and other healing modalities and are still experiencing emotional symptoms, addictions and unwanted patterns in relationships, Core Emotional Experiential Therapy (CEET) can provide the immediate breakthrough that you’ve been looking for. If you are new to therapy, CEET can save you a great deal of […]

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The Problem with Business Coaching Programs

The Problem with BusinessCoaching ProgramsSacred Rebels Oracle: Inner TrustI’m sharing my experience with business coaching programs and the lessons I learned from these experiences. Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur, I hope you’ll keep reading – these lessons apply to other relationships, too. One advantage I had going into business coaching programs was that I […]

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