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What Most Healing Practices Are Ignoring

Most Healing Practices Are Missing: Self-Empowerment & Self-Healing Are you still suffering and struggling with your physical and emotional health, feeling like you want to give up? Wait don’t give up! Your doctor and therapist may be missing a key factor in your healing: YOU. You are the one who holds the power to heal […]

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3 Candida Overgrowth, How It Really Begins

Candida Overgrowth, How It Really BeginsCandida overgrowth occurs when we have lost our power, our will, and our ability to take care of our needs. The yeast overgrowth represents how our thoughts and repressed emotions have been draining our energy and power. Just as our body is being overtaken on the inside, we have allowed […]

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13 Emotional Root Cause of Candida: Victimhood & Repressed Emotions

If you have suffered from a systemic yeast overgrowth, know that while diet and supplements can help treat symptoms, they do not heal you. Emotional healing is necessary and will help the physical treatments be more effective and lasting. Emotionally, Candida is associated with feeling victimized and includes: helplessness, hopelessness, fear of responsibility, too much […]

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Discover the Cause of Your Disease – How to free yourself from the doctor, medication and sickness

Discover the Cause of Your Disease – How to free yourself from the doctor, medication and sicknessIf you have chronic symptoms and are taking medications or natural supplements to treat your symptoms, keep reading. The answers are not in a bottle. Instead, look deeply into the cause of your disease. Before seeking a doctor for […]

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