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Emotional Cleansing & Candida Detox

Emotional Cleansing & Candida DetoxListen to the Interview on the Emotional Aspects of Healing Candida Posted 18th February 2014 by Jonathan Adams I recently talked with Elicia Miller, who is helping people with Candida detox, she has a wonderful site and many videos on Youtube. We talked about the emotional and mental aspects of candida […]

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Sizeism and Self-Love

Sizeism and Self-Love  My wish is to not notice weight   There is a heavy weight on how big or small a woman’s body is   It has a similar feel to racism   That you are better than another   Because of your color or size   I pray that we can drop the […]

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Emotional Eating: Your Triggers Are Your Teachers

Emotional Eating: Your Triggers Are Your Teachers          If you find yourself emotional eating as an outlet when stressed, it is best to view it objectively and learn from the trigger. It is common to use food and alcohol to numb and comfort emotions, however in reality this prolongs and worsens the problem. Let go of […]

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Is Negativity Making You Sick?

Is negativity making you sick? Negative energy – burdensome thoughts – take energy from your cell tissue and lower your immune system. Negative thoughts are toxic. Negative interpretation of experiences in your life, including your self-image, fears and attitudes, will make you sick. Healing from illness involves self-empowerment, awareness of your thoughts, habits and behaviors […]

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Distractions and Addictions: What Are You Numbing?

Distractions and Addictions: What Are You Numbing?“Emotional repression underlies all addiction; when we learn to honor, identify and experience our feelings, the need to numb or escape them, disappears.” – Schreiber, MA  We choose toxic substances, behaviors and relationships when we aren’t listening to our own needs.   Self-Awareness Exercises to Journal What am I using […]

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