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Believe YOU Can Heal Yourself

Elicia’s Prescription for Dis-ease Detox and heal on all levels Stop looking for your answers in a bottle  Get to the root of your suffering Seek help for what you don’t know  Question your conditioning Know, listen to and support yourself   Have Faith, it’s the best medicine  

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Elicia's 3 Steps to Design Your Own Destiny

Elicia’s 3 Steps to Design Your Own Destiny If you are determined to feel better and enjoy life more fully, it’s time to take responsibility, think for yourself and take the following 3 steps to design your own destiny: Step 1: Let’s Wake Up! Detoxification is the body’s healing mechanism Drugs (and even supplements) are […]

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10 Steps to Change Anything (Habits)

10 Steps to Change Anything (Habits)1. Be aware of what you don’t want. 2. Recognize how you feel, allow it, and accept it – pain and suffering is caused from refusing to accept the now. 3. Detach it from your thoughts. 4. Understand what you can change, what is not you, what is not true […]

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Write for Insight: Personal Reflection

Write for Insight: Personal ReflectionElicia’s Mission: To Empower You to Know, Listen to and Support Yourself Journaling is writing to journey into your heart. It’s available for free anytime you need support and clarity. All you need is a pen, paper and a relaxed open mind to enter your heart.   “Follow effective action with […]

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Elicia's Steps to Design Your Own Destiny

Elicia’s Steps to Design Your Own Destiny       Operate from essence over ego, stay conscious Ego needs to prove, take care of others to feel better about self, comparing, judging, unhealthy habits, blame, fantasies and projections Essence acts with awareness, responsibility, sensitivity and trust, leads the way for harmony and understanding   Observe […]

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10 Things I've Learned From My Healing Journey

Top 10 Things I’ve Learned From My Healing Journey & Life Experience 1. To change anything, be it a physical condition, symptom, disease, emotional depression or unhealthy habit, I had to get to the root physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual causes. 2. If an unhealthy pattern, condition or emotional state persists, I seek support […]

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Intro to Elicia's Detox World Tour

Intro to Elicia’s Detox World Tour   Hi, it’s Elicia, welcome to my Detox World Tour! I’ll be bringing you along my own personal detox journey to inspire you to detox your mind, body and emotions to change and create what you want for yourself and discover who you really are. I’ve spent the past […]

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Cleansing Green Fire Ritual

Cleansing Green Fire Ritual Green Fire Excerpt from Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette My favorite six-sensory ritual to open the way to a higher vibration on all levels is to make what I call green fire.  Green fire cleanses the atmosphere, leaving it in a pristine state, and invites a fresh start.  It’s a […]

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