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Why My 30 Day Water Fast Didn’t Work

Results of My 30 Day Water Fast April 2012, Costa RicaResults Updated 2017Everyday Eating Disorders Click Here to Watch the Entire Video Training After spending 2 years researching detox retreats in Thailand, I did a 30 day water fast in Costa Rica.Despite spending years and thousands of dollars going away to detox retreats that focused […]

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How to Be Responsible for How You Feel

How To Be Responsible for How You Feel

How To Be Responsible For How You Feel Your triggers are a gift! Do you find yourself bitching and complaining a lot about the same people? If certain people continue to trigger you, instead of avoiding them or blaming them for how you feel, turn within and explore what may be unresolved within you. You may have heard […]

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My Book “Your Symptoms Are A Gift!”

Purpose Of My Book “Your Symptoms Are A Gift!” I am so grateful for my clients, and the work you are doing to heal and love yourself. You are giving yourself the love you need. You are healing yourself from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, low self esteem, poor body image […]

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Personal Mastery in 2017

MASTERY: My intentional word for 2017 This time of year is always exciting to me. A new year is a clean slate, a new adventure, and a time to set strong intentions for what I want to bring forth.My intentional word for 2016 was MAGIC.What I wrote last year about it still holds true, “Magic […]

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