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The thing nobody is talking about

The thing nobody is talking about…I just started my Express What’s Repressed Core Emotional Healing Program for healing practitioners and already things are buzzing with excitement in our group. Everyone has tried so many healing modalities, and since they were still experiencing the same patterns and triggers, they knew it was time to be with their […]

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Why Retreats Shift You More Quickly

Why Retreats Shift You More QuicklyI’m now back “home” in Koh Samui, Thailand, where my retreat research began 8 years ago. I’ve really come full circle here. Eight years ago, the purpose of my research was to discover which of the 14 detox retreats on the island were making a difference in people’s health and lives. […]

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Me Too Solutions for Sexual Harassment

#MeToo: Solutions for Sexual HarassmentI’ve been really inspired by the #MeToo movement on Facebook in response to Harvey Weinstein to start raising more awareness around what causes sexual harassment and how to heal from abuse.Here’s what I wrote on my Facebook wall:Me too. Now let’s start talking about solutions.Stop gawking and stop allowing your partner […]

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2 Core Emotional Healing Retreat

This Thailand retreat is different than anything you’ve done before!

This Thailand retreat is different than anything you’ve done before!Eight years ago I listened to a strong calling to move to Thailand. After struggling for so long with trying to pay my bills doing what I loved – teaching self-awareness and healing – I was still experiencing chronic digestive problems, emotional eating, and relationship struggles… […]

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