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Top 7 Reasons Why I Choose Water Over Juice Fasting

Top 7 Reasons Why I Choose Water Over Juice FastingAfter 18 years of juice fasting, I tried a 30-day water fast in March 2012 and based on that profound experience I realized that juice fasting isn’t really fasting, it’s more like a severely restricted diet. Since then I have used 2-4 day water fasts when […]

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Replenish for Smarties – HUmineral

Replenish for Smarties – HUmineral As I release my first book in the Detox for Smarties Course Series, Detox 101: 5 Steps to Design Your Personal Detox Plan, I would like to dive deep into the meaning of detox. Most people associate detox with depleting and I like to think of it as releasing what […]

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