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3 10 Natural Remedies For Allergies

10 Natural Remedies For AllergiesArticle posted on bewellbuzz Seasonal and food allergies are debilitating. Yet, so many treatments are out there to relieve your symptoms. As you may know, medicine is not the solution and just can suppress symptoms that are there to help your body cleanse and heal. Below I have listed 10 natural […]

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Best Nascent Iodine Supplement: Detoxadine®

Best Nascent Iodine Supplement: Detoxadine®  The Top 5 Reasons You Need Nascent Iodine 1. Iodine is an essential mineral that supports thyroid health, the immune system, the central nervous system, and metabolic well-being.  2. The body is able to absorb and utilize nascent iodine easier and better than other forms of iodine. 3. Nascent iodine […]

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Best Detox, Liver, Parasite & Whole Body Cleansing Products

Best Detox, Liver, Parasite & Whole Body Cleansing Products   I have been researching and experimenting with detox products for 20 years and the best company I’ve found, selling the highest quality and most effective cleansing products, is Dr Group’s Global Healing Center. If you are constipated, bloated, feel sick and tired, wanting to cleanse […]

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Detox Negative Programming

Detox Negative ProgrammingNegative programming is constantly telling yourself what is not right: your figure, your hair, your relationship, your job, the weather, someone else’s behavior. Every time you do, regardless of why, you attack yourself. You are programming your subconscious – the part of the mind that hears what you tell it and then creates […]

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Detox is the "Magic Pill" to Looking and Feeling Younger

Detox is the -Magic Pill- to Looking and Feeling YoungerArticle orginally pulished on Our bodies are designed to take in energy and release toxins. Optimizing the natural detoxification process is the key to beauty, youth, health, weight loss and vitality. So many people are looking for the “magic pill” for looking and feeling younger. Once […]

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