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Candida, Eczema, Perfectionism & Inner Child Work

Candida, Eczema, Perfectionism & Inner Child WorkBefore joining Elicia’s 6 month private program my life was very busy, regimented, overstuffed with unnecessary “obligations”… that was sort of the daily life I was used to before the Candida got really bad (or before I knew about the Candida). Right before I joined the program though, I was […]

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Emotional Healing – Teresa’s Testimonial

Emotional Healing –  Making  Positive  Changes with   Inner Child Work in Elicia Miller’s  6 Month ProgramTeresa’s Testimonial When I signed up for Elicia’s 6 Month Private Program was determined and felt ready to make some positive changes (I was already implementing a few: I had quit smoking, enrolled in a singing program -singing is my […]

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Discovering Suppressed Emotions by Pia

A client of mine sent me an awe-inspiring update of her healing journey with candida and how she is feeling and healing the suppressed emotions behind the sugar cravings. Many of you, including myself, can relate and hopefully learn from this empowered approach. Thank you Pia for sharing your story! Pia’s story: Everything is going […]

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