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Candida Symptoms due to Childhood Trauma – Eliza’s Testimonial

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Candida Symptoms Due to Past Childhood Trauma

Eliza's Testimonial

I knew I had severe Candida symptoms, like overgrowth before working with Elicia. I had bloating, trouble losing weight, and a food fixation among other things. My naturopath confirmed that it was Candida, and in our first meeting, she said, "Just so you know... Candida is very linked to childhood trauma." I had never heard this before- so I Googled: Candida childhood trauma, and up popped Elicia's website.

I got a really good feeling from her site. After watching a few of her videos I suddenly began to realize that some of the things that I have accepted as "realities" in my life were actually just symptoms of Candida, and repressed anger. Nightmares, mood swings, angry outbursts, self-consciousness, perfectionism and neuroses... These things aren't just part of "Eliza's life" like I had thought. They were symptoms that could be cured with some seriously hard but rewarding work.

At first I was really scared. I would skim around the big "Cause" issues with all my little "Effect" issues. I was afraid to open up and really bare my soul. But then I quickly learned that I could trust Elicia- that I could cry in front of her, be angry around her, and talk about my fears around her. Elicia provides a safe space to feel the shit storm. She is a perfect balance of loving and supportive, AND empathic (I can't express in words how grateful I am for empathic listening- for somebody to sit with me in my moments of pain instead of giving advice or telling me to "cheer up"), AND she's great at tough love: she knows that one of my defense mechanisms, or a way that I "hide", is by playing the class clown and being "funny". She sees beyond my bullshit. 🙂

Physical improvements of Candida Symptoms:

No bloating unless I eat something I'm allergic to. I've lost 5 lbs from the diet, and how it sped up my metabolism. Weaker cravings for sugar. Also I'm just as passionate about food as I ever was, but the fixation/obsession has significantly decreased. I'm really stopping when I'm full. No yeast infections. Improved libido. Still working on the irregular periods, but my naturopath says it's okay that I'm spotting so much, because it's indicative of a heavy detox still going on. Also my mercury toxicity levels have plummeted, and I no longer have parasites! I no longer eat a strict candida diet- I go out and eat and enjoy, but in my home, I stick to a stage 2 candida diet. So 80% of my meals are still candida-free!

Group calls:

It took me awhile to open up in the group calls because I wasn't sure how far to go, how open I should be. At first it was hard for me not to compare myself to the others: "wow she's having a really good week, so maybe now's not a good time to mention how difficult this is for me, or that I had a donut on my trip." But more and more I felt like it was okay to be honest about how shitty some weeks were.

The calls are always more productive when I come to the table with struggles. Everyone on the calls are very supportive, and they've all been there themselves. Nobody gets shamed for slipping on the diet, or for having a week where they just did not manage to do what they needed to do in order to heal. Just seeing people nod their heads when I'm describing something difficult was enough to encourage me to share even more.

Top 3 non-physical improvements:

  • I’m kinder to myself when I’m not having a “together” day- I’m not living so rigidly by my own rules.
  • My intuition is emerging because it’s coming from a place of loving and protecting myself.
  • I can communicate my needs more easily. Saying “No” is easier than it was before.

The MOST important thing I learned is that I cannot THINK about my feelings, I have to feel them. That's what therapy is for. And therapy is great! But while therapy gave me clarity on WHY I was acting this way, it did not show me HOW to move on. I used to think that bashing a pillow was childish. Now I absolutely see it for what it is: a vessel to physically push anger through my body, so it gets unstuck. The anger work was the most useful part of this program…but it's hard to say that because the empathic listening I received was invaluable as well. It was a true gift that is so hard to find in my current life circumstances (which I am mindfully changing one day at a time).

This program is for you brave souls who are ready for a MONUMENTAL change. Elicia is the most compassionate, supportive, loving person that you could ever call on for this courageous journey."

~ Eliza xo

About the Author

Elicia is a Candida Expert and Founder of Core Emotional Healing®. She is the author of Detox 101 and coauthor of One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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Sarah - June 20, 2016 Reply

10 years ago I found myself in an emotionally abusive relationship, I was on a years work experience from college and went to Spain teaching for the year, I fell in love and bit by bit things started to change, he became possessive and controlling, he used reverse psychology to manipulate me and as a result I completely lost myself in this and it was thanks to an Oprah show that I learned it was actually emotional abuse.

From there I persued my teaching career but felt so lost in myself,I went to counselling and 2 and half years later I had my MIND in a good place.
Once I had that under control my BODY started to cave on me and I got so ill,
It started of with kidney infections followed by urinary tract infections followed by ear infections and sinus infections then it was violent vomitting bouts that completely took me over, the pain was horrendous,
There was one night it was so severe that I knew I had to go from the bathroom to the kitchen to turn off a heater and my stomach was so inflamed that I knew I wasn’t going to be able to walk so I had to contemplate crawling into the kitchen to turn it off

I ended up in hospital after that bout and that had been the 9th bout of that,
I had all the medical tests done and nothing showed up,
I was getting progressively worse and I was put on antibiotics for everything.

I decided to go to a homeopath and she finally explained my problem, I had Candida in the lining of my stomach, small intestine, large intestine and the lining of my womb, it had travelled into my blood stream and infected my sinuses and ears,
I had heavy legs, I was retaining fluid, I constantly had heartburn and always felt uncomfortable after eating.

The only way to clear this was to go on a diet of no sugar, wheat, dairy, processed foods, no sauces, gluten etc,
So basically my diet consists of gluten free porridge and goats milk every morning and once I had a year completed I was able to add back in fruit so now I add blueberries or raspberries and flaxseeds!
Then I can have chicken or turkey or fish as long as there are no coatings or breadcrumbs I can have all veg and rice, corn cakes, rice cakes and gluten free oatcakes, I can roast walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts at home and I can have green tea and water and that’s the sum total of my food.

This was an incredibly difficult and painful journey and I had to trust myself and believe in this,
I felt so on my own and was thrown into 6 months of detox, sweats, pains and aches at the start,
My symptoms got so much worse before they got better.

This deepened my faith and took me on an amazing journey of spirit and my eyes were opened to signs and supports along the way,

This journey was an emotionally journey and one of the most amazing experiences happened about 2years ago now.
I had summer holidays from work and I wasn’t feeling myself, work was my crutch and this was gone for the holidays and I couldn’t emotionally eat so I had to deal with what was going on for me,
I went to a very good friend of mine in a health shop and she asked me what way was I feeling and I described the feeling as me in reaching distance of something but I couldn’t quite reach it and she said my soul had to heal.
She recommended that I go visit this special healing tree and it was a Monday and even as she was talking I had no interest in driving 2hours to find a random tree.
But by the time I was leaving the shop I knew I had to go so I went back to my apartment and got changed and hit the road,
I went on my own and spent the whole journey there giving out to myself and telling myself I was mad, it was raining when I was drinking and I honestly didn’t know how this was going to work.
I got there and drove in and was quite surprised, there was an actual park there and there were kids out playing and I noticed that the sun was actually shining.
I parked up and saw a visitor centre and went over to enquire about the tree thinking I was going to be laughed at but no the person I met was so helpful and gave me a map and showed me where to go,

I walked down nd saw the outside of this amazing tree,
I was able to walk inside and it was so cool,
I didn’t know what I was supposed to do so I just sat inside and just observed and I could see loads of bark on the ground and branches leaning on others and others reaching up into the sky…I thought it was so symbolic of life and how some people need others all the time to survive and hold them up,
I left when I was ready and to be honest I didn’t feel any different, I went for a walk down around the water and I just sat on a bench and I could not get the words ‘it’s not as hard as you think’ out of my head, I thought first it was only my imagination but that’s all I could hear and it was all I could think about, I didn’t know what it meant at first,
I came back and got into my car and my head was so quiet,I looked at the time and I had been there 3 hours.

I drove back in silence with myself I needed no radio or anything,
I got home had something to eat and had a bath.

I got into bed and I just lay there, I did not want to fall asleep I felt so at peace, I had an inner peace in my chest that I had never felt before it was incredible.
I did not want to lose this amazing feeling, my head was quiet for the first time ever…the conflict had finally stopped.

The next day I went back into my friend in the health shop and told her the story and the only way I could describe it was using a description of a plane coming into land and for a few minutes there’s that gap between the plane and the ground and then it finally comes down….she had tears in her eyes and just said ‘you just came back to yourself’☀️
3years later…I went back to homeopath for my final appointment just this evening and I have been given the all clear.

I am so grateful to everyone I have met along the way,

I havnt lost much weight while on the diet so I still feel there is something I’m not addressing,
I’m taking a career break from work and I am currently in New York for the summer.

The mind is such an amazing tool and it has brought me an amazing strength. I’m hoping I will get the results I want with my body image….❤️

I would love to hear back from you,

    Elicia - June 21, 2016 Reply

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful story Sarah! Sounds like you addressed the mental, physical and spiritual aspects, exploring the emotional may be the next step. Please fill out this form: for a free 30 minute assessment. xox

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