Candida Stories

NaCole’s Candida & Emotional Healing Journey

NaCole's Candida & Emotional Healing Journey The stars and the planets lined up perfectly and my path intersected with Elicia’s. I was fed up with my Candida and posted about it on Facebook. Immediately, I got a message from a friend giving me Elicia’s information and informing me she helped people with Candida. I immediately looked her up and signed up for a free 30 minute consultation. Less than 12 hours later another friend messages me telling me about Elicia as well. The Universe...

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Candida, Eczema, Perfectionism & Inner Child Work

Before joining Elicia’s 6 month private program my life was very busy, regimented, overstuffed with unnecessary "obligations"… that was sort of the daily life I was used to before the Candida got really bad (or before I knew about the Candida). Right before I joined the program though, I was in a really rough state… I was covered in eczema and in so much pain from it- at one point so bad that my eyes were almost swollen shut. The doctor gave me steroids for it, which calmed the eczema, but...

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Nona’s Candida & Asthma Symptoms – Emotional Healing

Fifteen years ago I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which I realize now, began while my mother was pregnant with me and severe abuse was a daily part of my life while I was a child. Since my PTSD diagnosis, I have been diagnosed with a number of illnesses but the one that has impacted the quality of my life most negatively was Asthma. My Asthma attacks manifest in severe coughing, and in the past few months have been occurring frequently throughout the day and would...

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Discovering Suppressed Emotions by Pia

A client of mine sent me an awe-inspiring update of her healing journey with candida and how she is feeling and healing the suppressed emotions behind the sugar cravings. Many of you, including myself, can relate and hopefully learn from this empowered approach. Thank you Pia for sharing your story! Pia's story: Everything is going well. I'm listening to my body and I do things slowly, meaning I've been on the diet since we spoke but haven't started my Oxy Powder cleansing until two days ago....

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Alistair’s Missing Link to Health: Cleansing Candida

In 2011 I stayed at the Spa Resort Koh Samui, Thailand, a cleansing retreat center, as part of my periodic cleansing, health renewal lifestyle.  For many years I had been exploring dietary changes, detoxification and cleansing practices, yoga and meditation in pursuit of vitality, vibrant health, wisdom, and peacefulness. During my stay at the center I was ostensibly eating well and cleansing.  Nevertheless I was struck by fatigue and knew that something was awry, that something crucial was...

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