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Break Free from Candida

Discover how to get freedom from your symptoms and cravings  even if you've tried everything.

Are you suffering from digestive problems, bloating, chronic fatigue, rashes, yeast infections, headaches, brain fog, sinus problems, intense sugar cravings, depression, anxiety, inability to lose weight and/or muscle/joint aches?

And spending a ton on doctors, supplements, and therapy, but still not getting better?

Are you feeling alone and confused?

Other Candida programs don’t address the complex root cause of your symptoms — the repressed emotions that are keeping you stuck. Once you understand what’s causing your symptoms, you can not only make progress, but bring forth a brighter, happier you.

This 8 lesson home study provides all the awareness, motivation and support to help you stay empowered with the diet and begin to understand all aspects of the healing process. These include how your thoughts and emotions are feeding your symptoms, while also causing you to struggle in other areas of your life. In addition to the weekly lesson you will also receive two emails from me every week for two months, which will provide supportive accountability and tips to help you heal from Candida completely.

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As a doctor, it’s so important that I bring my patients the best possible resources, and I fully trust Elicia to provide that!

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“Elicia is my go-to-person for any questions I have about the most challenging cases of Candida. She fully understands the mental, emotional and physical aspects of this illness, and all the different ways it can present."

- Dr. Kim D’Eramo

8 Lessons to Heal Candida and Change Your Life!

Learn how to  connect with your innermost wisdom.
Lesson 1: Root Cause Awareness

Accept that you are not a victim to your circumstance. Become aware of the root cause so that you stop feeding your condition. BELIEVE you can heal yourself.

Lesson 3: Diet and Detox

Help your body cleanse and release the Candida by boosting your immune system with healing food, supplements and cleansing practices.

Lesson 5: Self-Awareness and Empowerment

Strengthen your personal power and self-awareness to release the root of Candida: victim mentality.

Lesson 7: Forgiveness, Gratitude and Self-Love

Forgive and appreciate yourself and others in order to not be triggered and stressed. Cultivate self-love and live in gratitude.

Lesson 2: Intention and Will Power

Get mentally prepared so you don’t cave into cravings. Know your why and vision to stay motivated and committed to the Candida diet and healing process.

Lesson 4: Emotional Healing

Learn the process to connect to and heal your wounded inner child. Begin to release repressed emotions and start to take care of your emotional needs.

Lesson 6: Purpose, Passion & Prosperity!

Discover your purpose through your passion and gifts. Trust and believe in yourself. Know your self-worth and learn to live from your Higher Self.

Lesson 8: Personal Plan and Intuition

Discover the gifts of feeling. Be guided by your intuition and create your own personal healing plan, including empowered daily practices and recommended healers.

About Elicia
Elicia Miller

Elicia Miller is the Founder of Core Emotional Healing®, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Journaling Facilitator, and Candida Expert.

Elicia created the Core Emotional Healing® process as the culmination of 10 years of intensive training, personal healing, and empathic intuitive gifts. Based on her personal and professional experience, she developed a guided step-by-step process to address the emotional root cause of symptoms and suffering.

Elicia provides insightful, direct, compassionate guidance to inspire and support others to be responsible for how they feel, ask for what they want, and to set healthy boundaries. She helps others feel safe and supported so they are empowered to freely express their true selves.

She is the author of the ebook Detox 101 and coauthor of the books, One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, to be released in 2019, is an inspirational guide to help readers realize the emotional connection to their symptoms. The book details the Core Emotional Healing® process to help anyone heal from physical, emotional, and relationship challenges.

Along with her husband, Psychologist Doug Miller, PhD, Elicia offers Core Emotional Experiential Therapy for individuals and couples in 1-Day Private Healing Immersions in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can learn more about the Core Emotional Healing process here:

I help people who are suffering from chronic symptoms, anxiety,  depression, emotional eating, addictions,  

heal the emotional root cause and live a fulfilled, inspired life!

Discover what you will learn

8 video lessons

12 hours of recordings

10 worksheets

✓ Be supported through the most difficult and critical time as you commit to the diet and new lifestyle and experience cravings and strong emotions.

✓ Become aware of all of the causes to stop feeding your condition.

✓ Learn why and how to become mentally prepared for your new lifestyle.

✓ Gain clarity and confidence with the Candida diet.

✓ Learn how to curb cravings.

✓ Simplify your supplements and know which are and aren’t necessary.

✓ Begin understanding how to release repressed emotions so you can start to heal your past.

✓ Begin to develop your personal power and self-worth by setting boundaries and staying positive.

✓ Understand how to have balanced health, energy, emotions, intuition, healthy relationships and creative freedom to do what you love.

Start addressing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to fully heal Candida for good! 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Are Still Suffering From Candida

1. You haven't eliminated what is causing it and you are still feeding it.

2.  You don't believe you can heal yourself.

3. You cave into your cravings and can't stick to a diet.

4. You are doing a one size fits all diet and program.​

5. You aren't addressing the mental, spiritual and physical aspects.​

Not sure the Candida Home Study is right for you?

With one simple question, we’ll uncover which path is best for you!
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What People are Saying...

Elicia's home study delves deep into the root causes of Candida.

I'm loving this Home Study and adore Elicia.  She answers all of my questions and guides me back gently when I'm way off track in old beliefs. She's really magical.

I see my fears pop up and I become obsessed with finding another way out of this Candida mess believing I can treat only the symptoms and then I'm hit with the truth it's more than treating symptoms. I've been treating the symptoms for years off and on without any relief.

Elicia's home study delves deep into the root causes of Candida for those of us who can't seem to shake it off through diet.

It makes so much sense that my body has trapped energy and pain which has made me sicker and sicker. The Home Study has really opened my eyes over and over again. It's truly incredible loving myself and nurturing myself in ways I never have.

Yeast infections, mild PMS and anxiety… low energy levels, sluggishness and mild mental fogginess.

"I found that my old patterns/beliefs still got in the way and I lacked the tools and the support to turn them around."

- Teresa

My body was like, "Hello! I'm trying to tell you something here, are you listening?!"

I ignored it even more, using over the counter medication to push the symptoms back into my body, completely unaware of the emotional connection to the symptoms.

emotional healing

She has a keen sense of the mind-body connection and why that is vital to your success beating this.

“Elicia is cut from a different cloth. While most Candida practitioners focus solely on the products to KILL Candida overgrowth. Elicia gets to the root cause of how your mind and subconscious (how you think) can determine how successful you may or may not be in beating this terrible condition.

She has the voice of an angel and seems to have a keen sense of the mind-body connection and why that is vital to your success beating this.”

- Christopher

I gained confidence and enthusiasm and feel inspired by life!

“I have a new understanding of who I am. I am feeling my emotions and being with them instead of running away. My life before I started Elicia's program was much more disorganized, chaotic. I felt I needed support from someone who understands and went through it.”

- Sylwia Kocon

Few health practitioners truly understand Candida.

“Elicia has been instrumental in emphasizing the psychological aspects of healing from Candida. Do not fool yourself; diet and lifestyle alone are not enough to get you healthy! Get your mind equipped, only then, will you start to heal."

- James

I think everyone needs an Elicia in their life!

“Elicia has helped me on an incredible level to bring deep awareness into my life for healing and transformation. I truly think everyone needs an Elicia in their life.

Her advice was first to work on a subconscious level, to become aware.

My condition has been cycling for years without coherence that it was stemmed from the emotion of guilt.

I am slowly letting go and eating the foods that make me feel lighter, happier and more in touch with myself.”

I'm discovering my own inner strength more and more each day.

“I am deeply grateful for Elicia's efforts, patience, passion, and commitment. There isn't a single person I wouldn't recommend this program to. Journaling prompts have put me in touch with different aspects of myself that I didn't even know existed."

- Jennifer Ann Butler

Elicia helped me realize that there is only one way to heal: eliminate the cause the problem.

“Elicia's journaling exercises helped me get clearer in my thoughts and more in tune with my body. It has been a couple of years since I have had any Candida symptoms. I now am at the perfect weight. I feel much more at peace with my body and confident in my ability to heal from within."

- Courtney 

This was my wake up call to listen to my emotions, my body, my gut, and heal my past.

It’s honestly true when Elicia says your Candida is a gift. This was my wake up call to listen to my emotions, my body, my gut, heal my past which was causing me to act in ways untrue to myself.

You WILL get through it and get better!

emotional healing

Learn from my 15-year Candida Healing Journey

8 video lessons

12 hours of recordings

10 worksheets

This eCourse was put together as the result of 10-years of my expert-level training, personal healing, and round the globe research distilled into a guided, step-by-step process to address the real root of Candida in just 8 lessons.

Bonuses to enhance your healing journey

Even the most committed person may need a helping hand.
These bonuses will make sure you have the support you may need on your healing  journey.

Access to a private Facebook Group

You are on this journey with like people that have suffered, struggled, survived and have taken (or are taking control) of their emotional and physical wellbeing.


Unlimited  Lifetime Access

Our life is a journey that gives us the opportunity to always learn and grow. With unlimited access to the program, you can come back at any time and refresh the life changing lessons that you may want to revisit.

Not sure the Candida Home Study is right for you?

With one simple question, we’ll uncover which path is best for you!
HERE to take the one question quiz now…