Candida - Healing Emotional Eating - Shayelyn’s Testimonial - Elicia Miller

Candida – Healing Emotional Eating – Shayelyn’s Testimonial


Candida was affected by overeating, controlled eating, and being worried and obsessed about food

Shayelyn's Testimonial

Before the Express What’s Repressed program I kept circling back to over eating, controlled eating, worried/obsessed about food all the time. I didn’t see the connection to repressed emotions. I joined because I wanted a healthy relationship with food and wanted to stop the cycle.

The program has helped me see that I had never allowed myself to be really angry or sad for all that has happened in my life. I saw that I have rationalized why it all happened instead of allowing myself to feel how it felt and move through the emotions. During the program I learned how to work the emotions out without having to rehash, blame or be angry with the original people involved. I have seen the positive effects of allowing the anger and grief to come out in safe ways and have even laughed hysterically after getting the anger out.

Working with Elicia has been a great experience. I have found her to be a loving and supportive guide on the journey. She is very knowledgeable about the emotional connection to physical symptoms as well as how to navigate clients of all levels of spiritual awareness to greater heights and healing.

A very unexpected gift of the program is that I am eating intuitively for the first time that I can remember! I started the program having been on a Candida protocol for several months and about mid way through the program I kept getting an internal message that I could let go of the control and trust myself to eat what my body needed. I feel so free and am not longer obsessing that if I eat a formerly “forbidden” food it will make me fat or sick!

I am also noticing a return of my intuitive gifts in a very profound way. After really connecting with my inner child through the suggested tools and meditation I noticed that I was getting very clear direction on things in my life again.

I am now able to more often respond to people and things based on how I feel rather than trying to elicit a favorable response, care take someone else or prove myself.”