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Candida Diet – Jennifer’s Healing Candida Story


Candida Diets, Cleanses,  and Detoxes still didn't fully heal my symptoms.

Jennifer's Healing  Story

I am not a lazy person. I am entirely too hardworking for my own good. I harnessed this workaholic tendency and used it toward my healing for the past 18 months of my life. I even quit my corporate job in order to fully focus on my healing. I woke up at 05:30, journaled, meditated, exercised, and did visualizations and positive affirmations. I ate a healthy Candida diet breakfasts, switched to a gluten free diet, and even incorporated right-brain activities such as coloring, doodling, and doing activities with my non-dominant hand. I read books by Deepak Chopra, Melody Beattie, Sandra Anne Taylor, Greg Braden, and Julia Cameron, to name a few. I didn’t just read these books; I attacked them with a highlighter and detailed notes in the margins. I absorbed them.

I insisted that I do most of my healing Candida work on my own.

I wanted to take time behind the scenes to “fix” all that was “wrong” with me and then unveil a new and shiny Jen to the world. Look at how aware I am! Look at how healthy I am! Look at how far I’ve come! Even after my 18 months of intensive work, I still found myself suffering from symptoms of Candida overgrowth: victimhood, fear, depression, skin rashes, emotional hunger, and an active repression of emotions. I was so angry that my hard work “wasn’t working.”

It wasn’t until working with Elicia that I realized that nothing was “wrong” with me; rather, I was operating on outdated belief systems. Even though I’d done over a year of personal work on discovering and releasing patterns, there were still some that were so ingrained in my human form that I had limited awareness of them.

My lack of worthiness, my not enough-ness, and my assuming all good things come to an end… These are all patterns that I was too intertwined with to objectively view and work through. I knew of them, but I figured I had to work AROUND those ways of thinking. I assumed I had to excel in spite of those.

The biggest difference is that I’m now excelling because of those, thanks to the work I’ve done with Elicia. She helped me discover my intricate web of resistance and [near-paralyzing] fear and she shined light on it–Light from her years and years of personal work, research, and work with others. Light from her heart. Light from her strong presence. This strength she possesses-which was admittedly intimidating to me at first (due to my stubborn sense of victimhood)-is one of her super powers. My fears and patterns do not stand a freakin’ chance when I’m doing work with Elicia. She sees right through them. She points out the design of the web to me, allowing me to look at these patterns objectively and from afar rather than only doing so frantically while absorbed by them.

She has helped me see that these old beliefs stem from when I was around two years old. The inner child work she does has put me back in touch with this sweet and pure version of myself, the one who truly was a victim. By combining forces with Little Jen and makingher healing a priority, my progress has sky-rocketed. Elicia helped me discover and incorporate a missing ingredient in my journey: compassion toward myself. And I meantrue compassion–not just going through the motions from a book like I had been doing before.

I am a writer. I’ve spent my whole life journaling and therefore felt “holier than thou” andabove these “silly journaling activities” contained within Elicia’s program. Thankfully, I’m now able to recognize that resistance for what it is: a thick inner thread of my web of old patterns. Elicia’s journaling prompts have put me in touch with different aspects of myself that I never knew existed. I’m discovering my own inner strength more and more every day and find myself looking forward to her next week of prompts.

After 18 months of stumbling through countless eating plans and cleanses from books, I was (and am) so grateful for Elicia’s one-on-one time dedicated to designing an eating plan specifically unique to me.


I’ve now nearly fully adopted the Body Ecology Diet and incorporated Elicia’s recommended supplements and am feeling better than I EVER HAVE. I have the Candida Support Group on Facebook to post for 24/7 support and Elicia’s live workshops to tune into when I need a reinforcement of my new and healthier beliefs.

Elicia has taken something as complicated and sticky and ruthless as Candida overgrowth and has torn it apart, simplified it, organized it, and presented it to the world in a step-by-step program that makes every day an “AHA!” day. I am deeply grateful for her efforts, patience, passion, and commitment.

There isn’t a single person I wouldn’t recommend this program to.


Jennifer Ann Butler, Intuitive Communicator

About the Author

Elicia is a Candida Expert and Founder of Core Emotional Healing®. She is the author of Detox 101 and coauthor of One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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Magdalena - May 16, 2016 Reply

I am so happy to read your story Jen. I felt that i was reading my own story at the beginning.

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