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Candida Diet – Randeep’s Inspiring Candida Story

candida diet

Candida Diet, Detox, Doctors and still suffering with symptoms

Randeep's Testimonial

For anyone suffering from the many symptoms of Candida, this is for you. You WILL get through it and get better!

I know hearing that from someone who you’ve paid to help you sometimes is a little dubious but you haven’t paid me and I’m writing this so that you can have faith that there are others in the world who have also suffered and with the correct advice, willpower and determination you can heal yourself.

I’m at the end of week 2 of the Body Ecology Diet. Body check so far is that my main symptoms appear to have gone. I’m having a couple of detox relations but it’s OK as I know they will subside and they aren’t as severe as the main symptoms which I couldn’t shift for the past 4 years. In fact, the main symptoms were gone in week 1 of undergoing the diet. By day 5, I woke up and felt something which I hadn’t felt for so long, sheer joy, excitement and a vibrancy in my body for no reason at all! Sure there were still plenty of situations which I could sit and stress about but instead I was happy, dancing around to fun music, something which I used to do in my early 20s and ten years on, I’m rediscovering that feeling. Often I would sit and think how did I ever wake up and dance around for no reason, I wasn’t sure how to feel like that again. I would try but it wasn’t the same.

I’ve had Candida for 4 years now and this is honestly the best I’ve felt so far and I’m going to see this through. Like many of you, I had consulted various doctors, natural remedies, started having guided meditations to release past memories but none of this was enough because I didn’t have the correct guidance on exactly what I need to follow all at once to get me on my path to healing.

A few weeks ago, it was finally the right time for me to connect with Elicia Miller and one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I embarked upon the personal healing plan with follow up sessions and the the Self Study program. Elicia asked me all about my life in detail so she could understand the physical and emotional aspects contributing to my symptoms. My personal healing plan included tailored diet recommendations for what I was suffering (slightly adjusted from the Body Ecology diet). My recommendations were different to the diet recommendations and Elicia fully explained why this was so, ensuring I wasn’t feeling out of my depth. The personal healing plan also included other physical recommendations of my life and emotional healing guidance.

With Elicia’s guidance I carried out a dialogue with my Candida. As soon as I did this, without even having to take a deep breath or prepare for what to write, the words jumped out and I started writing as if someone had taken over my hand. The Candida was talking to me and I was simply amazed at what was happening. The Candida said that it flared up as a warning sign in January 2001 when I wasn’t listening to my emotions, my gut feeling while unhappy with an ex boyfriend. I knew what was right and wrong but the desperation of wanting a relationship and not being single was so much that I ignored my heart and body. The Candida kept coming back throughout that relationship and was quiet when I was single, with me thinking I was fine. All this time I was my normal own self, not compromising myself for anyone.

When I started liking the next guy, it was a similar situation, he didn’t want a relationship and I was so desperate that I allowed the fun part to continue with hope that he would fall for me, of course as I wasn’t respecting myself, he did not either.

The Candida started becoming worse and my body was like ‘hello I’m trying to tell you something here, are you listening?!’. I ignored it even more, using over the counter medication to push the symptoms back into my body, completely unaware of the emotional connection to the symptoms.

With my most recent ex boyfriend, my symptoms became even more apparent. I was in a situation where I knew I was ignoring my own gut feeling and still ignoring my own desires, beliefs for wanting a relationship so bad. The candida now very angry, and wanted me to take a stand and listen to myself. I ignored it, not understanding again the connection with my emotions. I started embarking on various treatments like homeopathic remedies, various diet adjustments like not eating sugar but still drinking alcohol and indulging in a sugary mountain every month or so at a brunch.

Since November 2014, up until 2 weeks ago my symptoms were relentless. I felt like I wanted to go into my body and rip the Candida out so I could just do normal things again and not have to feel this way. Everything about my life was changing and although healing my mind slowly, I wasn’t doing it all together to have the right effect.

Since talking to Elicia 2 weeks ago and receiving the personal healing plan, I’ve started the Body Ecology Candida diet. It was very difficult for me at first and I hated the world, and thought my life had ended because I couldn’t eat what I wanted anymore but slowly day by day I started to become accustomed to the new way of eating, the food combining, asking Elicia endless questions of what I could and couldn’t eat and she patiently helped me through it.

Now, I’m so much happier. It’s honestly true when Elicia says your Candida is a gift. This was my wake up call to listen to my emotions, my body, my gut, heal my past which was causing me to act in ways untrue to myself. Only 2 weeks in, I am actually enjoying being symptom free, understanding how different foods affect my body and not just eating them for taste. I was very healthy before but this is a whole new lifestyle for me. Healing yourself will change your life and you will want to change your lifestyle once you see how much better it makes your life. I’m buying cookbooks to learn all of these new ways of eating, indulging in ways to help my body, mind and soul cleanse and heal and not judging myself for the way I feel though this journey.

So I’ve written a lot, I’ve tried to summarize to help you understand how beneficial it is to have Elicia’s guidance and start healing yourself. I have full faith I will be in my best health ever and symptom free, even happier and glowing, living according to my heart’s desires in good time. I hope you want that for yourself also. Good luck with your journey.

-xx Randeep

About the Author

Elicia is a Candida Expert and Founder of Core Emotional Healing®. She is the author of Detox 101 and coauthor of One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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