butterfly angel






The life I knew was turned askew when a butterfly angel flew in and landed at my feet.

Her gaze was so deep that it saw into my soul much further than I could dare to meet.

The reach of her wings was greater than anything I had seen with my eyes.

She was able to see the real true nature buried deep beneath all the lies.

She moved me so powerfully from girl to empowered woman, helping me to expand my own wings.

She pushed me beyond my limits opening a whole new world where my heart now sings.

She was gentle in her push, strong in her conviction, and always emoting pure love from her core.

The light within poured out and touched my soul helping me to open my wings up to truly soar.

Butterfly Angels are a unique breed that enter your life right at the perfect time.

The blessing is beyond belief and one that is truly sublime.

Open your heart, your mind, and your soul when one enters your life.

It will allow you to change from the caterpillar you are to the butterfly you are meant to be, ending all your strife.

butterfly angel






Poem about Elicia Miller by Jocelyn Robinson

Healed Candida

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