What is a Wellness Home?

At its simplest, it is a restorative and pristine environment, a greenhouse for the human body.  It provides the perfect delivery for much needed “Self-Care”. The body itself is home to 100 trillion cells. To be well, the optimal function of all our cells need attention.

What each cell needs for health:

  • Proper sleep in quantity and quality, for body repair and regeneration of cells

  • Energized air, like in a forest, to enable optimal cellular command

  • Mountain stream quality water in adequate amount to support circulation, deliver oxygen and nutrients, to eliminate wastes (opportunity for disease arises when the immune system lacks supply or is encumbered by toxins)

  • Whole food supplements to fill gaps in our diet and fully nourish cells

  • Full spectrum of nature’s energy-magnetic, far infrared, and ionic 24/7

Nikken products provide all this and much more!

Advanced Magnetic Technology replicates the Earth’s magnetic field and helps restore the normal conditions where we thrive.

In a normal electromagnetic environment, the human field is nourished; physiological processes are carried out efficiently, and emotional experiences occur with clarity of thought. There is evidence of improved motor performance, emotional well-being, excitement, and advanced states of consciousness. However, when the critical deficit was reached, motor, sensory and intellectual capabilities diminished with increased levels of anxiety and emotion.

Negative-Ion Technology – high amounts of these ions are found in forests, waterfalls and by the ocean provides relaxation and vitality.

Far-Infrared Technology for temperature regulation and restoration.

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I highly recommend the PiMag Water Bottle to bring with you anytime you leave your house: in the car, when you travel and to restaurants, order  HERE. Contact Elicia@EliciaMiller.com with any questions


PiMag WaterFall System: Purified, Ionized, Alkalized, Mineralized, Magnetized

NSF Certified to remove between 96- 99% of the impurities and chemicals found in tap water

Nikken PiMag® Waterfall®Rated best alkaline water filter

Ionized water offsets oxidation of the modern diet slowing down cellular destruction

Magnetized to absorb in cells for better hydration

Produces water with added minerals in pH range of 8.5-9.5

Environmentally responsible decreasing use of water bottles

Made with recyclable & biodegradable materials including non-leaching polymer


Nikken pimag-microjet-2 PiMag Microjet Shower System with Micro Bubble technology

Removes impurities of chlorine exposure; provides a deeper cleanse while revitalizing skin cells and hair follicles

The EPA has raised skin absorption of chlorine (feeds Candida) to its top 10 carcinogen watch list. The Washington Post, June 1994

While showering, chlorine is absorbed through the skin, and in water vapor it is inhaled, where it passes from the lungs into the bloodstream.


NIKKEN-Air-PurifierKenkoAir Purifier: Medical grade air cleaner

Removes 99.9995% of impurities in the air

Professional-grade, multiple-stage air filtration — with technology as advanced as currently used in laboratories

Negative-ion generation — that produces relaxing, refreshing “forest air”

Patented ozone-free operation — unlike other air filters that create this toxic byproduct

Air quality monitor and automatic mode to keep air clean

Unique “green” technology that is kind to the environment


Nikken kenkolight-iiKenko Light Full Spectrum Lamp: Stimulates natural sunlight without harmful UV

Full Spectrum Light benefits:

Vitamin D Absorption

Improves Mood – Gives people a feeling of well-being

Stimulates the Pineal Gland – Producing melatonin, which regulates normal sleep patterns.

Improves Seasonal Affective Disorder – Symptoms include fatigue, depression, inability to concentrate and sleep problems.

Visual Clarity and Color Perception – By imitating the sun’s rays at noon, this clear, brilliant light decreases eye strain and fatigue.


Nikken kenkoseat-iiKenko Magnetic Seat: replicates earth’s natural environment

Provides support and comfort while seated, naturally hypoallergenic

Magnets speed up the healing process.

Decrease discomfort and increase blood flow, which means more oxygen and waste products are eliminated more quickly.

They also have a direct effect on biochemical processes in cells.

Reduces EMF exposure


Nikken magentic mattress-topperMagnetic Mattress Topper: Hypo-allergenic natural fiber, orthopedic support

Conducive to providing deep, restorative sleep; you awaken physically and mentally recharged!

Magnets speed up the healing process.

Decrease discomfort and increase blood flow, which means more oxygen and waste products are eliminated more quickly.

They also have a direct effect on biochemical processes in cells.


Nikken kenko-dream-comforterDream Comforter: Far Infrared, Magnetic technology, Anti-Allergenic fibers

Absorbs natural energy to keep you the perfect temperature; releases soothing negative ions

Far Infrared energy stimulates increased blood flow.

Aids in rebuilding of injured tissue.

Improves circulation and oxygenation and is helpful for detoxing.

Relieves nervous tension and strengthens the cardiovascular system.


Order products by clicking on the images, I highly recommend PiMag Water Bottle to bring with you in the car travel and to restaurants, order  HERE. Contact  Elicia@EliciaMiller.com with any questions

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