Being emotional versus processing your repressed emotions.

You may think you are feeling your emotions because you are an emotional person.

Your feelings get hurt easily and you (over) react, for example, you cry or get angry.

Just because you are emotional doesn’t mean you are processing your repressed emotions. Often, you are more emotionally triggered because of your repressed emotions.

As a child, you protected yourself from feeling pain, which led you to shut off from your emotions. When you don’t process your emotions, you end up projecting them onto others. And when you disconnect from your true feelings they show up as chronic physical and emotional symptoms, and you are also disconnected from your internal guidance system.

Benefits of Processing Your Emotions 

You start to heal the root cause of chronic symptoms, emotional eating, addictions, and more. You become more empowered by seeing your symptoms and cravings as gifts pointing to what needs to be addressed.

You become more self-aware. You know the difference between what you think you want and what you really need, based on how you feel.

You access all your emotions. When you allow yourself to feel anger, fear, and sadness, you also experience more joy and love.

You release limiting beliefs about yourself. When you release the pain, you release the shame and you stop taking what happened to you personally. You can then more easily adopt new beliefs to attract what you want in your life.

You have healthy relationships. When you feel your feelings, you avoid projecting onto other people. This means you can stop taking your anger out on innocent people or accusing others of hurting you when you’re actually the one experiencing the anger, sadness or fear.

You have more energy. It takes a lot of energy to hold your feelings down and can leave you stressed and drained.

You are more peaceful and loving. When you feel connected to your feelings, your protection isn’t needed and your heart opens to others.

You open up to your intuitive gifts and can hold the space for others to heal. You don’t need to validate yourself with more certification programs; you can feel confident in your unique gifts to help others.

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