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De-Toxing through the One True Self

De-toxing through the One True Self By Julia Griffin   I was asked by my friend, Elicia, to explain the detoxification process of linking with the One True Self, which is the name of my website and process. The One True Self refers to the “true self” spoken of by Plato, Socrates, Pythagoras and other […]

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Intro to Elicia's Detox World Tour

Intro to Elicia’s Detox World Tour   Hi, it’s Elicia, welcome to my Detox World Tour! I’ll be bringing you along my own personal detox journey to inspire you to detox your mind, body and emotions to change and create what you want for yourself and discover who you really are. I’ve spent the past […]

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What is Detox?

What is detox?I am an expert in detoxification of all four bodies: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual; from my own personal detox journey.  Since I was little I remember questioning religious beliefs and the doctor’s prescription/opinion, these were just the start of my detox journey to reach my truth. So what is detox to me? […]

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Not All Detox Programs are the Same!

Not All Detox Programs are the Same!   Koh Samui has a worldwide reputation for its detox spas and resorts. The trend was established some twenty years ago and sadly the establishments that followed ‘Spa Samui’ have been slow to change. There seems to be a “one size” fits all mindset which is a limitation. […]

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Cleansing Green Fire Ritual

Cleansing Green Fire Ritual Green Fire Excerpt from Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette My favorite six-sensory ritual to open the way to a higher vibration on all levels is to make what I call green fire.  Green fire cleanses the atmosphere, leaving it in a pristine state, and invites a fresh start.  It’s a […]

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