Angelina JolieThere is a war on cancer and war creates fear. Angelina Jolie feared it so much that she removed her breasts. This shocking action sends a signal through many brains and bodies that we are powerless over genetics and by removing your breasts you remove your risk of getting cancer. Thankfully Angelina wasn’t afraid of a brain tumor so at least she still has a brain to think more deeply into the cause of cancer.

You will read in many reports and articles how to prevent cancer by eating a healthy plant-based diet, reducing alcohol and toxins, and exercising more. What are missing from these articles are the energetic and emotional causal factors of cancer. We are not victims to disease. Disease shows us that it’s time for us to heal unhealthy patterns of thinking, repressing emotions, and also giving away our power and energy to other people and our past.

Steve Jobs is example of how treating disease with natural healing modalities, such as juicing and acupuncture isn’t the answer either. Toxins stored in the physical body could cause cancer and detoxing will definitely help boost the body back to health. The way to fully heal is to develop a self-awareness practice and discover where the energetic negativity stored in the body is coming from – repressed anger, fear, guilt, shame, etc.

According to the holistic view of health our traumas are stored in our body/mind in particular ways. So that rage is stored in the gall bladder, anger in the liver, and guilt in the bowel. The pancreas is said to relate to anxiety or anger relating to a family member and in particular to separation from mother or to the loss of a child.

The energetic cause of breast cancer typically relates to giving and nurturing everyone else over your own needs. Nurturance is related to the breast and mothering. If your energy is depleted your cells will let you know. Go above and beyond removing your body parts and treating symptoms, look inside to resolve your inner conflicts and energy drains. Develop a self-awareness practice using journaling, self-reflection, honesty and subconscious emotional healing.


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