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Elicia Miller Founder of Core Emotional Healing®, Candida Expert, Speaker, Author, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Inner Child and Journaling Facilitator “Validate and value your feelings; embrace who you are.”

Elicia Miller serves those who are seeking to live a more empowered, nurturing and fulfilling life.

Elicia’s personal journey, compassion and deep unconditional love, has given her the gifts to help men and women experience acceptance and freedom.

In our culture and our families, we do not receive the support to process many of our emotions, and so we continue to repress them by distracting and numbing ourselves and through controlling and addictive behaviors.

Elicia has realized that unprocessed emotions cause chronic emotional and physical symptoms, relationship problems, as well as feeling blocked from creativity, intuition and self-worth. Elicia helps her clients to see their symptoms and triggers as a gift and to value their emotions as a necessary part of their authentic selves.

Elicia’s own extensive journey healing Candida gave her the experience to guide hundreds to freedom from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, poor body image and perfectionism by healing the emotional root cause to live a fulfilled, and inspired life!

Elicia is now offering Core Emotional Healing® Online Self Study, 3-Month Private Programs, and In-Person Private Healing Immersions for Individuals and Couples in Atlanta and Costa Rica with her husband, Doug Miller PhD. Click the button below to apply for a free assessment to find out which program is best for you.

Here's my story

In 2005, I ran away to Las Vegas and married a man who would prove to be the most abusive person in my life. The next three months of escalating violent fights and yelling matches stopped only when I packed up my car with my dog and filed a police report.

I was left with divorce papers and an armload of questions: 

What made me choose him (and all of them who'd come before)?

Why was I so comfortable giving away my power?

What’s causing me to have unhealthy relationships?”

One does not simply end up in a relationship as bad as that. It takes years, a lifetime (maybe more than one lifetime) of choosing people who were fed by me giving my power to them—and of me not knowing that there is any other way.

Some women never overcome terrible relationships,
and the only difference between them and me is that

I kept asking questions.

Little did I know that these questions would begin my journey of empowerment.

At that time the most important things to me were looking perfect, having a designer wardrobe, and being skinny enough (impossible). I lived on snacks and went into modeling, but no matter what I ate (zero fat) and no matter how obsessively I worked out (very), I still wasn’t good enough. My “diet” was actually just one string of cleanses after another.

But what was I really trying to cleanse?


I thought I needed to be stick thin and perfect to be loved, and I was neither of those things, so I hid however I could with sex, drugs, codependent relationships, and even with successes at work. Inevitably, I would crash.

After one particularly low point I sought every spiritual subconscious course I could find. I walked away from my wildly successful career in corporate sales (I was top three in the nation) to teach self-awareness and healing workshops. I was empowering others and I was more in alignment than I had ever been in my life. Because I was finally in alignment with my soul’s true purpose, old pastimes like partying and drinking lost their appeal. I was instead drawn to nurture my mind, body, and soul.

emotional anger

Yet, I would keep learning life lessons—the uncomfortable way.

I’d make the same mistakes over and over.

Give away my power.

Start to drink again.

Get bloated.

Feel spacey.

Freak out about my emerging business. Take a side gig.

And then inevitably, eventually, get to the point where I sought more healing.

I sold everything I owned and left home for three years in order to experience everything I needed to fully heal. First I was called to Thailand for over 2 years where I did detox and meditation retreats, shaved my head and experienced many spiritual and ancestral healers. Next, I went to San Francisco to work with the best spiritual, energetic, and shamanic healers I could find. In Costa Rica I went through a 30 day water fast, and then returned to my home in Atlanta for more energy, subconscious and emotional healing.

Throughout all of it I kept asking, “What am I not seeing?” I never gave up, even when I slipped up, even when I had no idea how to truly answer that question.

When I was in Thailand I discovered I had systemic Candida. I had never before gone without fruit, dried fruit, and alcohol for an extended time. But I did it for an entire year and a half and only slipped once.

I’ll admit I did have a mighty advantage. I was already immersed in the healing world. I had all the tools to commit to this way of life with awareness and I was already teaching people how to do that for themselves. Without this foundation, I would have had the same back and forth cycle with food as I did with men or alcohol.

Best Candida Expert

Again, I asked questions about the difficult challenge before me.

“What does Candida have to teach me?”

I learned that sugar numbs sensitivity and awareness, which is why the diet is set up to help you feel all of your emotions, needs, and deepest dreams. At the deepest root of Candida is a part of you giving away your power and the energetic stress of repressed emotions.

When I left my ex-husband after he went psycho on me, my brother wanted to take a baseball bat to him. But I knew that man— the one who wouldn’t let me make a decision— would be one of my greatest teachers because he helped me realize what I’d been missing.

It’s the same with Candida. It’s showed me the path to my most powerful self.

Elicia Miller  Best Candida Expert

The man I’m married to now?

Let’s just say that I feel happier than I even knew was possible.

And when I got married I didn’t do a thing to lose weight. I loved how I looked. I had no desire to have any restrictions on what I ate because I felt full on the inside. Today, I don’t need approval from anyone but myself. I can still be successful and look really good, but the difference is that it’s not coming from that emotional need to be perfect. I can just be me.

I healed myself fully of systemic Candida years ago after experiencing the best healing modalities in the world.

Elicia's Story

As the Founder of Core Emotional Healing®, I have worked with hundreds of people around the world, via Zoom video meeting, who were still suffering after spending time and money on programs that focused solely on diet, supplements, and treatments. I developed the Core Emotional Healing® Self Study so you don’t have to go through a lifetime of healing like I did.

I also offer Core Emotional Experiential Therapy Private Healing Immersions for Individuals and Couples in Atlanta and Costa Rica with my husband, Doug Miller PhD. Click here to learn more about our Immersions.

I know you’ll choose the right path for you when the time is right, and if you want help from someone who’s been through it all and came out the other side, I’m here for you.

With Love & Joy!