Coming Clean on 7-Day Detox Spa Programs, Thailand

(these also apply to any fasting detox program away or at home)


7 Myths Debunked by Elicia Miller

#1 After 7-days You Are Clean & Rejuvenated

7 Day Detox MiracleA proper clinical detoxification program tests toxic levels, addresses and treats all of the causes on all levels and requires a proper protocol, responsibility and new lifestyle changes over a long period of time to clean the accumulated toxins in the colon, tissues and cells.

When you are ready to allow your body to release toxins and behaviors has nothing to do with 7 days.

If you have a mercury toxic load from silver fillings you will dislodge the toxins, move them around but not drain them from the body making you feel worse than before.


#2 Removes Mucoid Plaque Completely

Colon Cleansing

Old impacted waste, on average, takes 3-4 12-day programs to remove most of the mucoid plaque along with colonies of Candida and diverticuli causing putrefaction on the intestinal lining which could or may lead to ulcerative colitis. If left unchecked it will also lead to other illnesses like Crohn’s disease and/or stage 1 colon cancer.

#3 Using Coffee in Enemas/Colemas/Colonics Helps Peristalsis and the Liver to Release Toxins


Coffee ColemaToday our livers have toxic substances like xenobiotics, heavy metals, plasticizers, environmental endocrine disruptors, which didn’t exist 30 or 50 years ago.  Coffee is no longer suitable as a remedy to remove more than fecal matter. “We need high tech solutions for high tech problems.” Sherry Rogers, Detoxify or Die

Coffee drinkers beware! If you are a coffee drinker then your body is already desensitized therefore reducing the potential effectivity of the coffee enema/colonic.


#4 Helps Your Condition or Illness


Heavy Metal Toxins

High-blood pressure, allergies, obesity, diabetes, systemic candida, cancer, depression, substance abuse, emotional eating…you must understand and detox the cause(s) of your condition in order for things to change.  For example, silver amalgam dental fillings leaching mercury could be the root cause to your symptoms.

#5 Is Good for Everyone



If you have any previous health history, all of the data must be provided to be reviewed by a qualifiedtherapist or doctor.

If your detoxification and immune system is impaired from a toxic overload (from cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, sugar, processed foods, meats, dairy, refined carbohydrates, chemicals, mercury, candida, parasites, etc) and you stop eating, and you use coffee colemas, you won’t be able to process (because the program is not complete) the toxic dump that you stirred up and your body will redistribute the toxins in your body and mind while stressing your liver more.

Some programs do not enforce non-smoking during the program, this will cause problems from reintroducing carcinogenic smoke, carbon monoxide and nicotine causing more damage to the lungs and nervous system producing serious detox reactions.

If you are smoking and drinking coffee during the detox program than there is a high possibility you will cause damage to your thyroid, nervous system and adrenals.  You must consider to enroll in a stop smoking program before the pre-cleanse and switch to green tea.

#6 Feeling Toxic From Partying Too Much So a Detox Program Will Fix Me


Alcohol and SmokingStrictly approaching it from the physical will not change the behavior, and the emotions behind the behavior, which were the driving force behind the partying.

Not properly preparing the body for a fast will allow too many toxins to release into the system at once, crashing and shutting down your system.

If you break your fast with alcohol then you run the risk of causing your stomach and liver damage because you are too sensitive after a cleanse and cause retox overload, too much too soon.


#7 Is a Great Way to Lose Weight


Fast Weight Loss

You will lose some of the fat but not all toxins stored in the fat cells will be removed or drained from the body, which will cause detoxification reactions.

If you stop eating you will lose weight, but if you go back to eating how you did before, due to lack of awareness and emotional patterns, you will be right back where you started from or worse.

If you are obese and don’t properly prepare your body for a fast your body will experience a toxic shock syndrome and program your mind that this detox makes me sick.

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