Why My 30 Day Water Fast Didn’t Work

30 Results of My 30 Day Water Fast April 2012, Costa Rica

Results Updated April 2016

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1. Changed my beliefs about what it takes to detox and heal the body as I felt my body heal itself for the first time – and then my symptoms came back a year later and I discovered the emotional root cause.

I learned the self-healing techniques needed to move forward and truly heal my issues. I did the inner child and core emotional healing work that finally set me free. After that, all of my symptoms have gone away. I can eat what I want and have no more addictions, compulsions or emotional eating. I love my body and I even removed my breast implants. I met and married my soulmate and I continue to grow and expand personally, professionally and financially.

2. Released old waste Day 6, 7 & 30

I then needed a colonic and supplements to cleanse my parasites and bacteria and replenish my hormones.

3. Rehydrated impacted waste in my colon and small intestine that was released 2-4 times/day for 2 weeks after I was refeeding on fruit, experienced cocaine in my bloodstream as I was releasing old waste on Day 11 & 12

4. Healed my bleeding gums

5. Scars lightened and flattened

6. Skin is clear and bright

7. Eyes are clear and bright

8. Nails are beautiful and strong

9. Released a lot of toxins in my cells; felt my body fighting infection with a fever for over a week, urine was dark

10. Cleansed, repaired and strengthened organs

11. Starved and killed parasitic creatures – but not all, I needed physical and emotional cleansing a year later.

12. Lost 30 pounds – which of course was not sustainable.

13. Processed and released old traumatic memories and emotions

Processing memories didn’t heal my core issues. I did more specific inner child emotional work a year later that fully healed my body, emotional eating, addictions and relationship patterns. This is the work I now specialize in.

14. Gave my entire body; organs and nervous system a complete rest to recover and reset

15. Meditated on and visualized what I want to create in my life

16. Released old ways of thinking

This did not resolve my deep rooted patterns.

17. Received an energy healing from Tanya Corona to help release repressed anger

Only expressing my repressed anger, actually released it a year later.

18. Developed more compassion

19. Felt forgiveness for myself and others for past abuse

I didn’t fully reach forgiveness until I processed out the emotions a year later.

20. Read many inspiring books

21. Learned about water fasting, the optimal diet and nature’s way

I learned later the optimal diet for me is more balanced than raw food or just fruit. I also now don’t believe in water fasting to heal deep rooted issues, symptoms and patterns.

22. Spent quality time in and with nature

23. Developed heart-felt connections with the group

24. Reflected, journaled and wrote daily about my processes

25. Felt clear and inspired

26. Started a few new projects including a new website and membership program to help others detox and heal at home.

27. Connected to what was most important to me and changed my return flight to go see my dog, aunt and uncle who I haven’t seen in 3 years since I left for Thailand

28. Increased my intuitive healing abilities and felt called to step more into my role as a healer to lead personalized self-healing programs.

29. Inspired others to do a supervised water fast

I do not recommend it now.

30. Received an energy reading and healing from Stacy Vajta and Julia Griffin to connect to my higher consciousness and soul.

ReunitedDon’t waste this lifetime staying unconscious victims, following the doctors orders, what everyone else is eating and thinking.  Wake up to your inner power and wisdom. Love yourself so much to be strong and break free from toxic habits. Heal your body, mind and emotions from the past to create the life you truly desire from your heart.

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Victor Kallay - March 31, 2016 Reply

Such an inspiration you are! It put a smile on my face to read the results of your fast! You Go girl!

    Elicia - April 19, 2016 Reply

    Thank you Victor! It was an experience for sure and have just recently updated my blog with what I discovered as my healing journey unfolded.

patrick - April 25, 2016 Reply

Hello Elicia, I am undertaking a 30 day water fast on May 1st and I am super excited. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Elicia - April 26, 2016 Reply

    Hi Patrick, where are you doing it? Wishing you deep healing and insight.

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