Results of My 30 Day Water Fast

April 2012, Costa Rica

Results Updated 2017

Everyday Eating Disorders

After spending 2 years researching detox retreats in Thailand, I did a 30 day water fast in Costa Rica.

Despite spending years and thousands of dollars going away to detox retreats that focused on the physical cleanse ~ Ayurveda, juice, shakes, pills, water fasting, colonics, zappers, massage, saunas, yoga and even some that included Reiki and hypnotherapy….none of it helped me get to the root of my patterns or taught me how to heal myself on an ongoing basis.

I even spent $5,000 on a week long retreat that actually made my symptoms worse.

I’ve known clients who went away to the Chopra Center and other posh retreats and came back feeling refreshed ~ and then went right back into dysfunctional relationships.

Nothing changes until you change your relationship with yourself.

You need to learn tools that will support you on your healing journey and that can serve as a catalyst for permanent change…

So that you create a new relationship with yourself in which you value yourself in such a way that all of your needs are met.

​10 Results of my 30 Day Water Fast

1. My symptoms came back a year later and then I discovered the emotional root cause.

I learned the self-healing techniques needed to move forward and truly heal my issues. I did the inner child and core emotional healing work that finally set me free. After that, all of my symptoms have gone away. I can eat what I want and have no more addictions, compulsions or emotional eating. I love my body and I even removed my breast implants. I met and married my soulmate and I continue to grow and expand personally, professionally and financially.

2. My digestion got worse until I replenished my hormones and learn how to take care of my emotional needs.

3. After I was refeeding on fruit, I started to binge and purge more.

4. My body was fighting an infection and I discovered after that I had Helicobacter Pylori bacteria (H. Pylori) that I had to treat a year later with supplements.

5. Processing memories didn’t heal my core issues. I did more specific inner child emotional work a year later that fully healed my body, emotional eating, addictions and relationship patterns. This is the work I now specialize in.

6. Lost 30 pounds – which of course was not sustainable – felt good because that’s how I thought I was more lovable and when I gain the weight back I had to learn how to love and accept myself fully.

7. Meditated on and visualized what I want to create in my life.​

8. This did not resolve my deep rooted patterns, I continued to attract things I didn’t want into my life from my subconscious beliefs.

9. The energy of the person running the retreat was toxic and shame-based. I had to do energy clearing after the retreat.

10. I released the pattern of giving my power away to narcissistic people two years later. 

I learned later the optimal diet for me is more balanced than raw food or just fruit. I also  don’t believe in water fasting to heal deep rooted issues, symptoms and patterns.

Don’t waste this lifetime staying unconscious victims, following the doctors orders, and what everyone else is eating, doing and thinking.

Wake up to your inner power and wisdom. Love yourself so much to be strong and break free from toxic habits. Heal your body, mind and emotions from the past to create the life you truly desire from your heart….


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