1. Reduce and eliminate toxic food and substances.

2. Eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

3. Drink plenty of filtered water in-between meals all day.

4. Slow deep breathing moves and clears energy blocks, calms the mind and nervous system.

5. Walking barefoot on the Earth is healing and grounding and releases negative energy and EMF from technology.

6. Release negative thinking and emotions by staying present, meditating and focusing on the good things in your life–what brings you joy.

7. Develop an attitude of gratitude, smile and give to others.

8. Move, stretch and sweat your body with yoga, Pilates, walking, swimming, playing and dancing.

9. Enhance lymphatic drainage and circulation with dry skin brushing, epsom salt baths and hot showers with cold rinse.

10. Practice self-awareness, journal, visualize, understand the effects of your choices and choose differently for different results.

11. Get rid of anything in your home that you don’t use/wear or that carries old energy/memories.

12. Take a break from all media, TV, newspapers and magazines.

13. Life is a classroom and playground, learn the lessons and have fun!

14. Question what other people tell you; experience your own truth.

15. A happy heart is a healthy heart; tune into your heart’s intuitive wisdom.

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